Use Coiled in a Sentence, How to use “Coiled” in a sentence


Use Coiled in a sentence. How to use the word Coiled in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Coiled. Sentence for Coiled.

Use Coiled in a Sentence - How to use "Coiled" in a sentence


Examples of coiled in a sentence

  1. The serpent coiled in the sun.
  2. That was all that I could see, save a mass of coiled, dark brown hair.
  3. I waited until the last tress was coiled up, and then I spoke.
  4. I coiled the “boa” into the rear of the box and placed the head near the opening of the trap.
  5. These guns, however, discharged themselves by means of a spring coiled up within the barrel, instead of gunpowder; and the bullets which they shot were peas.
  6. No, he was safely coiled up in a corner upon some hay, out of sight; and there the farmer found him safe and sound, when he went in to look.
  7. Then it was, at the very moment when the doctor, humming gaily, began his quick descent of the steps, that I distinctly saw—I will swear to this on my deathbed—a child’s skipping-rope lying loosely coiled, as if it had dropped from a careless little hand, in the bend of the staircase.
  8. The hairs do not appear to be merely dry-curled, for in that case they would unroll when taken from the nest, and such as I have tried, when just placed in position, retained the coiled condition when removed.
  9. But there was a great green cross over the pulpit, and words along the walls, and festoons upon the galleries, and great wreaths, like vast green serpents, coiled about the cold pillars.


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