Use Classic in a Sentence, How to use “Classic” in a sentence


Use Classic in a sentence. How to use the word Classic in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Classic. Sentence for Classic.

Use Classical in a Sentence - How to use "Classical" in a sentence


Examples of classic in a sentence

  1. Lay’s Classic potato chips were cooked in hydrogenated oil until 2003.
  2. These are works of art that challenge designers to create classic and bespoke pieces that will also capture any bride’s heart.
  3. Working with the burin along the furrows of the etched copper plate, Woollett created the classic look of brightness that falls from the skies to drench the foliage and to meet the silver and gold rising from the waters.
  4. Go for luxury For those who have lunch with an expense account, two classic hotel restaurants offer splendid possibilities.
  5. At the age of 12 he read a paper to the Academie des Sciences in Paris that laid the foundations for his classic treatise on skew curves, Recherches sur les courbes â double courbure (1731), completed when he was 16.
  6. His own volume in the series, The Rise of the City, 1878-1898 (1933), is one of the best integrated and a classic statement of urbanization as a theme in American history.
  7. She also said that the timelessness of the ring really complements its new owner, Jennifer Lopez, 49, who is known as a classic Hollywood beauty.
  8. Beyond curious sandwiches, the Mee Sum menu is classic Cantonese American fare, including powerhouse Polynesian potations served in novelty mugs.
  9. In fact, the works which were most highly valued then by the educated men of all nations, were the poems and the histories, and other writings produced by the classic authors of the Roman commonwealth.
  10. In the case of wanting to give something elegant, we can choose a Christmas center where the classic colors of this era, such as red, green or gray, are mixed.
  11. For the first time her classic, immobile little face was quick with a very modern emotion.


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