Use Brave in a Sentence, How to use “Brave” in a sentence


Use Brave in a sentence. How to use the word Brave in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Brave. Sentence for Brave.

Use Brave in a Sentence - How to use "Brave" in a sentence


Examples of brave in a sentence

  1. They were generous, however, as well as brave.
  2. Would she be cheerful and brave through it all?
  3. He saw the hard, brave fight that she was making, and he had no fear for the outcome.
  4. Dennis Quaid is the brave knight, Bowen, fighting the tyrannical king of David Thewlis.
  5. It would be worse than foolhardy for him to brave the storm and the darkness.
  6. Be brave and hopeful and helpful, as it becomes a man to be, and labor incessantly for the best, as it becomes a man to do.
  7. The true protagonists are the brave Araucanian people and, to an extent, the Spanish conquerors.
  8. It was the merit of a brave Persian to have provided this assistance for his people long before.
  9. Navigating Nullspace was an everyday occurrence in the Triocracy, but piercing other Shells is best left to the experts, the brave … and the foolish.
  10. He failed to help to his rights a brave warrior in his service; this warrior betook himself to the Cadusians, and became their chief, led them well, and bequeathed his thirst for vengeance to his descendants.
  11. He must be brave, not only against his enemies, but against himself, and not bring about a long calamity for the sake of a brief enjoyment.
  12. He proved himself a brave warrior in the great victory which he gained over the Egyptians at Karchemish, and in the subsequent campaigns against the Arabians, Syrians, and Egyptians.
  13. For all those months that wonder had been nestling in that small mind until it grew brave enough to become vocal.
  14. I try to be brave and strong and cheerful, as he always is; but it is human nature to resent his treatment, and it is cruel of him to keep me in such a position.


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