Use Board in a Sentence, How to use “Board” in a sentence


Use Board in a sentence. How to use the word Board in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Board. Sentence for Board.

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Examples of board in a sentence

  1. Five days later, a jetliner operated by a subsidiary of Continental Airlines (CAL) crashed near the landing in Buffalo, New York, and killed the 49 people on board.
  2. The board said it did not hesitate to reject the offer unanimously.
  3. He was undersecretary for foreign affairs ( 1929-1931), minister of economic warfare (1940-1942), president of the board of trade (1942-1945), chancellor of the exchequer (1945-1947), and minister of town and country planning (1950-1951).
  4. For a time he was secretary of the Massachusetts Board of War, and in 1777 he was sent to Benjamin Franklin and the American commissioners in Paris with the news of Burgoyne’s surrender at Saratoga.
  5. The four or five strings closest to the player are stopped by being pressed down against a fretted board by the player’s left thumb; they are plucked with a plectrum attached to the right thumb.
  6. News was collected by reporters employed by the state, who then posted the Acta on a whitened board (album) so that anyone might read or copy the reports.
  7. Pete raised his knight, but changed his mind and put it back on the board.


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