Use Blinking in a Sentence, How to use “Blinking” in a sentence


Use Blinking in a sentence. How to use the word Blinking in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Blinking. Sentence for Blinking.

Use Blinking in a Sentence - How to use "Blinking" in a sentence


Examples of Blinking in a sentence

  1. In a corner of the cafeteria, an acetylene lamp gives a blinking light.
  2. The moping herons are no longer stupid; the blinking owls are all activity.
  3. To Barton’s blinking eyes she looked exceedingly strange and untidy.
  4. Blinking with perplexity he stared and stared at the faces before him.
  5. Eagle-eyed fans noticed that Markle wasn’t blinking or showing any facial expression at all.
  6. There she stopped short, looking around and blinking at the sun.
  7. Mr. Hooper evidently saw the sense in this last remark; he stood blinking his eyes at Bill and Gus and pondering.
  8. With the faintest possible gasp of surprise little Eve Edgarton stopped slashing his arm and, picking up the lantern, flashed it disconcertingly across his blinking eyes and naked shoulders.
  9. Before her blinking eyes she saw even the empty, humdrum hotel office turned into a blazing bower of palms and roses and electric lights.
  10. In Rollins’s small, blinking eyes, Romance and Thrift battled together in terrible combat.
  11. In another the future renowned astronomer is blinking at the shining Milky Way with but a languid interest—poor little chap!—and wondering what has become of that other one they call the wet-nurse.
  12. Without knock or ring the door-handle creaked and turned, three ecstatic shapes went hurtling through a yellow glare into the hall beyond, and Flame found herself staring up into the blinking, astonished eyes of the crumpled old man with the red waistcoat.
  13. Bulging with mush the four dogs lay at rest on rounding sides with limp legs straggling, or crouched like lions’ heads on paws, with limpid eyes blinking above yawny mouths.
  14. Then once convinced that the mask was not a gas-box she accepted the liberty with reasonable _sang-froid_ and sat blinking beadily out through the canary’s yellow-rimmed eye-sockets with frank curiosity towards such proceedings as were about to follow.


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