Use Beautiful in a Sentence, How to use “Beautiful” in a sentence


Use Beautiful in a sentence. How to use the word Beautiful in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Beautiful.

Use Beautiful in a Sentence - How to use "Beautiful" in a sentence


Definition of Beautiful

  • pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically.

Examples of Beautiful in a sentence

  1. A beautiful day in the neighborhood for aardvarks and icons alike.
  2. The sea is very beautiful, especially when the sun supercharges it.
  3. Describing it as a “beautiful scam”, BirdAbroad revealed to what extent the owners had gone to copy the decor and atmosphere of a real Apple store.
  4. She looked beautiful, despite her strange dress.
  5. Most of the time she looked beautiful, despite her dress.
  6. “How can it be supported?” The picturesque and beautiful mouth of the Shuanghsi River will become a cemetery where the Fourth Nuclear Power Plant discharges the high temperature wastewater.
  7. Excellent shops, fine coastal walks and beautiful gardens complete this picturesque complex.
  8. Alternate, palmate 3-5 division, elegant and beautiful shape.
  9. Although it has flaws, it has unparalleled sentimental scenes backed by the most beautiful music.
  10. The beautiful color and great taste of these Australian wines make them an excellent accompaniment to meat dishes.
  11. Great skiing, beautiful scenery and tax-free shopping attract more than 10 million visitors annually to this small country in the northeast corner of the Iberian Peninsula.
  12. Mount Athos is located on the most beautiful peninsula of Halkidiki.
  13. Then, as the congregation grew, they bought land on Edge Hill and built a beautiful new church in 1887.
  14. The weather is beautiful today, so it will be good to go outside.
  15. The competent petitioner considers that the perpetual impetus is beautiful.
  16. The Christmas wishes message can be sent through beautiful text messages with love notes and Christmas wishes.
  17. You can also send beautiful cards with gifts of the choice of the husband, as well as send Christmas wishes through the social networking sites by loading Christmas wishes into it.

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