Use Ball in a Sentence, How to use “Ball” in a sentence


Use Ball in a sentence. How to use the word Ball in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Ball. Sentence for Ball.

Use Ball in a Sentence - How to use "Ball" in a sentence

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Examples of ball in a sentence

  1. We gave our dad a coffee mug in the shape of a golf ball for his birthday.
  2. I broke the one I’ve been using till now this morning while playing with a ball in the room.
  3. And he remained ice cool to stroke the ball home with his renowned touch of arrogance.
  4. The “Frida” actress wore a Balenciaga ivory ball gown by Nicolas Ghesquiere with a V-neckline bodice that is filled to the brim with embroidery.
  5. Does anybody still remember the camera ball that allowed you to take a 360-degree panoramic picture from the birds perspective by tossing it into the air?
  6. Now again the ball is in the hands of our law makers to amend the law and decriminalize the same sex relationship among consenting adults done in private sphere.
  7. After a good triangulation, Lopez crossed a ball with his left foot inside the area that Patrick did not miss to shoot the visitors.
  8. In 49, the silence was made in the Beira-Rio: the Argentine point Lucas Passerini in the 49 was unmarked and topped in the small area a great center of Diego Rosende from the left wing to send the ball to the net.
  9. Harden, who played with a neck injury that caused him to miss the previous match, had the game already decided in favor of his Rockets ball to prolong his journey, but with seven seconds left for the final honk decided to limit himself to cross the court and, with four rivals around him, do not shoot.
  10. In addition, he struggles with Paul George (Oklahoma City) for being the best ball thief, although in the chapter of losses his leadership is unappealable (five by duel).

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