Use Approved in a Sentence, Understanding the Significance of ‘Approved’ and Its Usage in English


Explore the definition of “approved” and its various applications in English language usage. Learn about the rules governing its usage and discover 20 sample sentences demonstrating how to use the word “approved” effectively in different contexts.

Approved in a Sentence

Definition of Approved

The term “approved” generally refers to something that has been officially accepted, authorized, or given permission. It implies that a particular action, request, document, or proposal has met the required criteria, standards, or regulations and has been granted the necessary consent or endorsement from the relevant authority or decision-making body. When something is approved, it is typically considered valid, permissible, or suitable for a specific purpose or use. The approval process may involve evaluation, review, and consideration of various factors or requirements before a final decision is made.

How is “Approved” used in English? What are the rules of use of “Approved”?

The term “approved” is commonly used in various contexts in English. Here are some examples of how it is used:

  1. Approval of Documents or Applications: When submitting documents or applications for review, you may receive a response stating whether they have been approved or not. For instance, a job application can be approved if it meets the employer’s requirements, or a building permit can be approved if it complies with the relevant regulations.
  2. Approval of Requests: Requests made to authorities, organizations, or individuals may be either approved or denied. For instance, if you request time off from work, your supervisor may approve or deny your request based on factors such as workload and company policies.
  3. Approval of Plans or Proposals: Plans, proposals, or ideas can be subjected to approval processes. For example, a business plan may need approval from investors or a project proposal may require approval from a committee or board.
  4. Approved Products or Services: Certain products or services may bear a label or statement indicating that they have been approved by a relevant authority, industry association, or regulatory body. This implies that they have met specific standards or requirements and can be considered safe, effective, or reliable.

In terms of rules for using “approved,” here are a few guidelines:

  • Use “approved” as an adjective to describe something that has received approval. For example, “an approved application” or “an approved plan.”
  • Use the verb “approve” to indicate the action of granting approval. For example, “The committee approved the proposal” or “The supervisor approved the request.”
  • Consider the context and audience when using the term. The specific requirements or criteria for approval can vary depending on the situation, so it’s important to understand the relevant standards or guidelines applicable in each case.

Overall, the term “approved” is used to indicate that something has been officially accepted, authorized, or granted permission after meeting certain criteria or undergoing an evaluation process.


How to use the word Approved in a sentence?

Here are 20 sample sentences demonstrating the use of the word “approved”:

  1. The board approved the budget for the upcoming fiscal year.
  2. The application for the scholarship was approved by the selection committee.
  3. After thorough examination, the medical treatment was approved by the insurance company.
  4. The architect presented the design plans, and they were approved by the city council.
  5. The teacher approved the students’ choice of topics for their research projects.
  6. The loan application was approved, and the funds were disbursed to the borrower’s account.
  7. The committee approved the proposed changes to the company’s bylaws.
  8. The new drug has been approved by the regulatory agency for treating the specified condition.
  9. The principal approved the request to organize a field trip for the students.
  10. The manuscript was carefully reviewed by the publisher and ultimately approved for publication.
  11. The building contractor ensured that all construction materials used were approved by the engineer.
  12. The marketing campaign was approved, and preparations for its launch began immediately.
  13. The government approved the construction of a new highway to improve transportation in the region.
  14. The airline pilot announced that the flight plan had been approved by air traffic control.
  15. The ethics committee reviewed the research proposal and approved it with minor revisions.
  16. The committee approved the purchase of new equipment to enhance productivity.
  17. The university registrar approved the student’s request to enroll in an additional course.
  18. The homeowner’s association approved the request to install a swimming pool in the backyard.
  19. The immigration officer stamped the passport, indicating that the entry into the country was approved.
  20. The local council approved the rezoning application, allowing for the construction of a commercial building.

These examples showcase different scenarios where the term “approved” is used to indicate official acceptance, authorization, or permission for various actions, requests, proposals, or applications.

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