Use Achaea in a Sentence, How to use “Achaea” in a sentence


Use Achaea in a sentence. How to use the word Achaea in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Achaea.

Use Achaea in a Sentence - How to use "Achaea" in a sentence

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Examples of Achaea in a sentence

  1. Achaea, was a region of ancient Greece on the north coast of the Peloponnesus, bounded to the south by Elis, Arcadia, and Sicyon.
  2. Achaea and Elis, a nomos (department) of modern Greece, occupies almost the same area.
  3. In the 5th century b.c., 12 cities of Achaea were joined in a loose confederation out of which developed the renowned Achaean League (q.v.) of the 3d and 2d centuries b.c.
  4. The name Achaea was later applied to a Roman province that included all of Greece south of Thessaly, and, in the Middle Ages, to a French principality comprising most of the Peloponnesus.
  5. Achaea Phthiotis was, in ancient times, a district of southern Thessaly.
  6. They settled first in southern Thessaly, where even as late as the time of Herodotus (5th century b.c.) a district— Achaea Phthiotis—was stili known by their name.
  7. Invasions from the north by Dorian tribes, beginning perhaps as early as the 12th century b.c., drove some of the Achaeans to Asia Minor, others to a region of the northern Peloponnesus known in classical times as Achaea.

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