Accounts in a Sentence

Use Accounts in a sentence. How to use the word Accounts in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Accounts.

Definition of Accounts

Examples of Accounts in a sentence

***Asset and expense accounts debit to increase and credit to decrease.

***A ledger is a book or collection of accounts.

***This is done by analyzing the accounts and making the necessary “adjusting entries.”

***If the books have been closed correctly, this trial balance will contain only real accounts, because the nominal accounts have no balances immediately after closing.

***Fear of conditions that might be attached to economic aid accounts in part for the public stance of neutralism adopted by so many African governments.

*** A is an abacus, the old Chinese adding machine that uses accounts to count.

*** The abacus fell to the ground and the accounts went everywhere.

*** Vassily Prokofyevich, the manager, was doing his accounts, breaking his abacus.

*** The woman in charge of the accounts department is an absolute dragon!

*** The promotion panels, the search committees, the nomination bodies, nobody calls them to render accounts.

*** Manage the collection, allocation, budgets and final accounts of railroad construction funds.

*** Sometimes it becomes that these accounts are deceptive.

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