Accidents in a Sentence

Use Accidents in a sentence. How to use the word Accidents in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Accidents.

Definition of Accidents

Examples of Accidents in a sentence

*** Work accidents trail far behind.

*** The possibility of more home accidents will increase in future years when a growing population acquires more leisure, more time at home, more powered hobby and gardening equipment, more home play equipment, and more home swimming pools.

*** The burns caused by electrical accidents are of two types: those resulting from current flowing through the tissues and those resulting from high temperatures in close proximity of the body.

*** Predictive models of diffuse graph, non-linear regression and gray theory are established from different aspects by analyzing the characteristics of traffic accidents.

*** to manage the investigation and punishment of the main import and export accidents of food safety and quality, and the elimination of sources of contamination transmitted by food.

*** Unusual omens or prodigies (lusus naturae) were also reported, as well as less important events—births, marriages, divorces, deaths, murders, and accidents.

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