Acceptable in a Sentence

Use Acceptable in a sentence. How to use the word Acceptable in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Acceptable.

Definition of Acceptable

Examples of Acceptable in a sentence

*** However, the phosphors that radiate light similar to daylight or firelight rarely emit as much visible light as do phosphors that emit a less pleasant and less acceptable color of light.

*** No proof of its existence acceptable to scientists has yet been found.

*** The next step in the simple linear regression procedure is to determine if the remaining quadratic error of prediction is acceptable or not.

*** The poise we had in the account that gave us the job is boring due to the irritability of our first day of access, and we worry about an acceptable first consequence.

*** Culture, in convincing but not expressed forms, dictates proven and acceptable methods by which group members address recurrent problems.

*** The coat is usually black or red, but other colors are acceptable.

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