Use Absurd in a Sentence, How to use “Absurd” in a sentence


Use Absurd in a sentence. How to use the word Absurd in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Absurd.

Use Absurd in a Sentence - How to use "Absurd" in a sentence


Examples of Absurd in a sentence

  1. Spending a week in jail for stealing a loaf of bread is an absurd punishment for a minor crime.
  2. Instead of completing his task, he comes up with the absurd excuse that his dog ate the task.
  3. Because Donald is an arms rights activist, he believes that prohibiting his constitutional right to keep and bear arms is absurd.
  4. Donald is completely absurd for wearing a thick coat and earmuffs with a three-digit heat.
  5. Affirming that your cat was abducted by aliens is absurd.
  6. There was an absurd tiny shop whose owner was a member of the Panchayat people.
  7. The fallacy has been exposed in its absurd nudity.
  8. So it is totally absurd to say that China is exporting currency deflation to Japan.
  9. So the balance is the hidden line of Camus, which corresponds to the absurd in his works.
  10. The world is glue, tar, paste, always too flexible; A dough that kneaded the kneading machine gently, and whispered to the hand the absurd material that must loosen its grip, renounces its work.
  11. In the biography of A Q, the absurd indicates reality, embraces touch and penetrates depth and heaviness.
  12. The film was written by both (and directed by Moll) with a style that makes any illogical or absurd in this configuration seem perfectly natural.
  13. But on this pretext it would be the utmost absurd to label ignorance moderated by humility “faith”!
  14. Camus argued that it is not absurd, but the absurd result is important.
  15. The philosophical novelist constructed a complete worldview in the sense that the absurd is an insurmountable fact of human experience.
  16. The original meaning of enlightenment is to explore the obscuration, eliminate the absurd and discover the truth.
  17. The series clearly bets for an absurd and well-achieved surrealist humor, which in its best moments remembers the great Jose Luís Cuerda and La vida de Brian.

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