Use Abstract in a Sentence, How to use “Abstract” in a sentence


Use Abstract in a sentence. How to use the word Abstract in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Abstract. Sentence for Abstract.

Use Abstract in a Sentence


Definition of Abstract

  1. existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical or concrete existence.
  2. a summary of the contents of a book, article, or formal speech.
  3. consider (something) theoretically or separately from something else.

Examples of Abstract in a sentence

  1. He is a painter known for his abstract paintings.
  2. Explain truth and duty, not in an abstract form, but exhibit it in actual and living examples.
  3. All historical writings, even those that deal with complicated and abstract ideas, tell stories about people and their lives.
  4. As though lost in the most abstract reflection Jaffrey Bretton cocked his head on one side.
  5. Aaron Siskind’s abstract graffiti was first done by Weston.
  6. The works become more abstract as a visitor continues on the path to Birch Grove and Gold Garden.
  7. The formalist analyzes of abstract works were convincing at first, although they became difficult to sustain.
  8. It was now no longer possible for Wallace to look at the question purely in its abstract character.
  9. This method may be made more formal still by requiring a class to write a full and regular abstract of all they have learned during a specified time.
  10. A system is also given by which the reader may enlarge his vocabulary, and furnish himself easily and naturally with those general or abstract terms which are often misunderstood and misused, and still
    more often not understood and not used at all.
  11. Could the doctrine of a new religion in an early period come forward with such a spiritualised system, with such elevated moral demands, such abstract conceptions?
  12. The name of this deity no less than his abstract nature is a proof of his later origin.
  13. A new god had thrown the old gods into the background, and with the conception of this new god was connected a new view of the world, at once abstract and fantastic.

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