Use Absorbed in a Sentence, How to use “Absorbed” in a sentence


Use Absorbed in a sentence. How to use the word Absorbed in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Absorbed. Sentence for Absorbed.

Use Absorbed in a Sentence - How to use "Absorbed" in a sentence

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Examples of Absorbed in a sentence

  1. The trees absorbed the rain.
  2. The soil absorbed the rain.
  3. The digested food molecules are absorbed through the rhizoids along with some water.
  4. Carbon dioxide and other unwanted exhaled gases are absorbed through the ceiling pendant to the cleaner filter.
  5. The surrounding villages have been absorbed by / in the growing city.
  6. The surrounding small cities have been absorbed by the city.
  7. London has absorbed the surrounding, dry cities of local talent.
  8. Nature was absorbed into the world-soul; the efficacy of sacrifices and penalties could, in the opinion of the Brahmans, remove the laws of nature at any moment.
  9. He was equally absorbed, however, in intimate subjects and genre themes, concentrating the last nine years of his life on an unfinished Monument to Labor.
  10. From their capital, Seville, the Abbadids gradually absorbed the territories of their fellow taifas until, under Mutamid (reigned 1069-1091), they ruled most of the Iberian Peninsula south of the Guadiana River.
  11. The Achaeans quickly dominated the cities of the Argolis peninsula, whose inhabitants adopted their language, while the Achaeans absorbed the culture of their Mycenaean predecessors.
  12. It is a Pantheism which annihilates the world; matter and nature are completely absorbed by the world-soul, are plunged and buried in it; the soul of a man is a being only apparently separated from the world-soul.
  13. By degrees, elements which had been developed in other spheres exercised an influence on the prophetic work, on the reflection on the nature and will of Jehovah, and the effort to be absorbed in him.
  14. Even without her knowledge she may have absorbed the suggestion; and some day, with that suggestion in her mind, she may have gazed too long at the sunshine on these marble urns before she turned back into the haunted rooms where she lived.


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