Use Absence in a Sentence

Use Absence in a sentence. How to use the word Absence in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Absence.

Definition of Absence

1. The state of being away or not present

2. A period of being away

3. Lack

Examples of Absence in a sentence

*** Since every unwanted disease or condition exists because Wellness is being forbidden, then, in the absence of such an annulment, Welfare will return.

*** In the absence of convincing reasons to the contrary, optimize for Google.

*** The history of Africa’s diverse peoples goes back many centuries; but because of the absence of written records, little was known, until recently, of their past except by those who were able to share in the oral traditions passed clown by tribal elders.

*** Greeted by Tammuz, Adapa informed the dying gad that he mourned his absence from earth, a sentiment which was well received.

*** In some areas, such as the Congo, mineral wealth of all types abounds; elsewhere the absence of minerals means that some countries must depend on improved agricultural production for inereased prosperity.

*** However, many traditions cannot be reconstructed, not only because of the absence of data, but also because of the perishability of the major media of African artists and craftsmen.

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