Use Abortionist in a Sentence and How is “Abortionist” used in English?


Use Abortionist in a sentence. How to use the word Abortionist in a sentence? How is “Abortionist” used in English? What are the rules of use of “Abortionist”? Sentence for Abortionist.

Use Abortionist in a Sentence - How to use "Abortionist" in a sentence

Definition of Abortionist

An abortionist is a medical professional who performs abortions. This can include physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals who are trained and licensed to perform abortions. In the context of the word “abortionist” the focus is on the person performing the procedure rather than the procedure itself.

It is a term that is often used to describe someone who performs abortions as their primary job or career. Some may use it as a pejorative term to express their opposition to the procedure and to the person performing it, as a way to de-legitimize their profession and to suggest the person is doing something morally questionable.

In the United States and in many other countries, abortion is legal, but it is also a politically and emotionally charged issue. Abortionists who perform the procedure may face opposition from anti-abortion activists and may have to deal with harassment and threats. Because of this, many abortion providers prefer to remain anonymous to protect themselves and their families.


In summary, an abortionist is a medical professional who performs abortions, usually doctors or nurses, who work in specialized clinics or hospitals that provide abortion services. Some may see it as a controversial term and may be associated with political and ethical views surrounding the topic of abortion.

How is “Abortionist” used in English? What are the rules of use of “Abortionist”?

The term “abortionist” is typically used to describe a person who performs abortions. However, it’s worth noting that the term can carry a negative connotation and is often used by those who are opposed to abortion as a way to vilify those who provide or support the procedure.

In general, the use of the term “abortionist” is not recommended as it can be considered pejorative and can be offensive to some people. It’s generally better to use more neutral language when referring to individuals who provide or support abortion, such as “abortion provider” or “pro-choice advocate.”

In addition, it’s important to be mindful of the context in which the term is used. For example, referring to someone as an “abortionist” in a political debate or a news article can be perceived as biased and may undermine the credibility of the argument being made.

Examples of Abortionist in a sentence

Here are 25 different sentences that use the word “abortionist” in different contexts:

  1. The abortionist performed the procedure safely and efficiently.
  2. She became an abortionist because she wanted to help women who needed it.
  3. He was known as a skilled and compassionate abortionist.
  4. She faced backlash and harassment for being an abortionist.
  5. The anti-abortion protesters were picketing outside the clinic where the abortionist worked.
  6. The abortionist explained the risks and benefits of the procedure to the patient.
  7. She was one of the few abortionists in the area and had a long waitlist for appointments.
  8. The abortionist was met with praise from her colleagues for her dedication to her patients.
  9. He was an abortionist for many years, but eventually retired due to the increasing hostility towards his profession.
  10. The abortionist was highly trained and had performed many successful procedures.
  11. She was the only abortionist available in the state and had to travel long distances to see patients.
  12. The abortionist refused to be intimidated by the anti-abortion protesters and continued to provide services to her patients.
  13. The patient felt reassured by the abortionist’s calm and professional demeanor.
  14. She was an abortionist and a vocal advocate for women’s reproductive rights.
  15. He was accused of being an abortionist and his medical license was revoked.
  16. The abortionist provided emotional support and counseling to her patients before and after the procedure.
  17. She became an abortionist after seeing the need for safe and accessible abortion services in her community.
  18. The abortionist had a long and storied career, helping many women access the healthcare they needed.
  19. She was one of the few abortionists who provided later term abortions.
  20. He was arrested for performing abortions despite it being legal, as abortionists are not always protected by law.
  21. The abortionist was praised by her patients for her kindness and compassion.
  22. She was a retired abortionist and became an advocate for reproductive rights.
  23. The anti-abortionist group targeted the abortionist, making it difficult for her to do her job.
  24. The abortionist provided a safe space for the patient and made them feel comfortable throughout the procedure.
  25. Despite the challenges and risks involved, the abortionist felt a strong sense of purpose and fulfillment in providing vital healthcare services to her patients.

Keep in mind that, As with the word “abortion” itself, the use of the word “abortionist” can be controversial and politically charged. It’s important to consider the context and tone of how the word is being used, as well as the audience you’re speaking to or writing for. It’s also important to remember that in many cases, those who perform abortions are medical professionals who have dedicated their careers to providing a vital healthcare service, and they should be treated with respect and professionalism.


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