Use Abjectly in a Sentence and How to use “Abjectly” in a sentence


Use Abjectly in a sentence. How to use the word Abjectly in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Abjectly. Sentence for Abjectly.

Abjectly in a Sentence


Definition of Abjectly

Abjectly is an adverb that means in a very low or miserable state; completely without self-respect; utterly hopeless or defeated. It can also mean done or expressed in a way that shows a complete lack of self-respect or dignity.

Examples of Abjectly in a sentence

  1. He stared abjectly at the ground, unable to make eye contact.
  2. The team was defeated abjectly by their rivals.
  3. She begged abjectly for her life to be spared.
  4. The poverty-stricken community lived abjectly.
  5. He apologized abjectly for his mistake.
  6. The dog cowered abjectly in the corner.
  7. He spoke abjectly of his failures.
  8. The company’s profits have declined abjectly.
  9. The prisoner submitted abjectly to his captors.
  10. The country’s economy has been in an abjectly state.
  11. He felt abjectly guilty for his actions.
  12. The politicians were criticized abjectly for their corruption.
  13. The team’s performance was abjectly poor.
  14. He was reduced to living abjectly on the streets.
  15. The company’s stock dropped abjectly in value.
  16. She was forced to live an abjectly life.
  17. The students performed abjectly on the test.
  18. He was treated abjectly by his boss.
  19. The company’s reputation has been tarnished abjectly.
  20. The failure of the project was abjectly disappointing.
  21. The country’s healthcare system is in an abjectly state.
  22. He was forced to accept the job abjectly.
  23. The store’s customer service was abjectly poor.
  24. He submitted abjectly to his punishment.
  25. The team was abjectly outmatched by their opponents.
  26. He was reduced to an abjectly state of poverty.
  27. The company’s sales have been declining abjectly.
  28. The patient’s condition had declined abjectly.
  29. He was treated abjectly by his classmates.
  30. The company’s management was criticized abjectly for their decision.


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