Use Abaft in a Sentence & How to use “Abaft” in a sentence


Use Abaft in a sentence. How to use the word Abaft in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Abaft.

Use Abaft in a Sentence


Definition of Abaft

1. Toward the stern; aft.

2. Farther aft than

Examples of Abaft in a sentence

  1. There is also a large, deep deck locker abaft the anchor locker.
  2. Abaft the helm the cockpit was open.
  3. The Abaft series consists of very deep, excessively drained soils that formed in sands from mixed sources.
  4. Abaft is L-shaped seating to Amsterdam port and another seat across.
  5. Answers for abaft crossword clue.
  6.  A private head with shower sits abaft the galley.
  7. The body has been stiffened with carbon-fiber panels up front and abaft, designed to increase stiffness and precise handling.
  8. As a result, the Rugu Savay Corp. entity had to adjust the abaft.
  9. There’s two rudders forward of the prop in addition to one abaft.
  10. Ships with square sails sail fairly efficiently with the wind abaft.
  11. By way of derogation from Article 7.02(3), the total arc of blind sectors from right ahead to 22,5° abaft the beam on either side shall not exceed 20°.
  12. Abaft the forepeak and chain locker is a superb sail locker sandwiched by two watertight bulkheads.
  13. He expounded that Mr. Osei Kweku Palmer, who was disqualified in the GFA Presidential Election is the one abaft some media houses trying to denigrate the transparency of the GFA
  14. The original accommodation included a semi-enclosed nav station on the centreline beneath the cockpit and a single heads compartment abaft.
  15. The number of pipe cots has now been doubled to 30, each named after one of the original crew or another prominent Kiwi yachtsman of the time, and the galley has been moved further abaft.
  16. Guest cabins comprise two identical en-suite cabins abaft the saloon.
  17. Although the deck is a little low to sit on, the helmsman can sit forward, astride or abaft the carbon wheels.
  18. There are comfortable options for helming as well, whether you prefer to sit forward, astride or abaft the wheel.
  19. The cockpit feels roomy despite the full-featured tackle station abaft the helm seats.
  20. The galley, of course, was just abaft this same stick.
  21. Abaft the helm, a galley with sink, two-tiered Corian counter, refrigerator and optional grill reside.
  22. Abaft the helm area, the saloon is roomy and welcoming, with facing settees encouraging groups of friends to socialize while they enjoy the views offered by large windows.
  23. In the bow, sofa seating converts to a large sunpad bow lounge; abaft, a large cockpit canopy protects guests from the sun.
  24. The yacht has a galley and dinette abaft the helm seats, shower stall, and a sofa.


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