Understanding “Until”, Definition, Usage, and Examples in English


Learn the definition of “until” and how to use it correctly in English with 20 sample sentences. Explore the rules and guidelines for using “until” in various contexts, from time and condition to event and duration. Improve your English writing and communication skills with this comprehensive guide to “until”.

Use Until in a Sentence - How to use "Until" in a sentence

Definition of Until

“Until” is a conjunction or preposition that indicates a time or event up to which something is expected to happen or continue. It implies that a particular action or state will persist until a specified point in time or event occurs. In other words, “until” denotes a temporal boundary that signifies the endpoint of a situation or condition.

How is “Until” used in English? What are the rules of use of “Until”?

“Until” is used in English in a variety of contexts to indicate the endpoint of an action or situation. Here are some examples of how “until” can be used:

  1. Time: “I waited until midnight.” This means that the person waited up to the point when the clock struck midnight.
  2. Condition: “I won’t leave until you come back.” This means that the person will remain in place until the other person returns.
  3. Event: “The store is open until 9 pm.” This means that the store will continue to operate up to 9 pm, after which it will close.

When using “until”, it’s important to keep in mind a few rules:

  1. “Until” is often used in combination with a verb in the present tense or future tense. For example: “I will wait until you arrive” or “The party continues until the music stops.”
  2. “Until” can also be used in combination with a past tense verb, but only if the action being described took place over a duration of time that extended up to a specific point in the past. For example: “He worked until he was exhausted.”
  3. “Until” can be followed by a time, event, or condition that marks the endpoint of the action being described. For example: “I’ll be here until 6 pm” or “I’ll keep studying until I understand the concept.”

Overall, “until” is a versatile and useful word that allows us to clearly express temporal boundaries and conditions in English.

How to use the word Until in a sentence?

Here are 20 examples of how to use “until” in a sentence:

  1. I’m going to wait here until you come back.
  2. The store is open until 10 pm tonight.
  3. She couldn’t sleep until she had finished her homework.
  4. He worked until midnight to finish the project.
  5. We can’t leave until the storm passes.
  6. I’ll be studying until the exam next week.
  7. The team played until the final whistle blew.
  8. She didn’t feel better until she took some medicine.
  9. They didn’t realize the problem until it was too late.
  10. He promised to stay until the end of the movie.
  11. The restaurant is open until 2 am on weekends.
  12. We’ll be waiting here until the bus arrives.
  13. They won’t announce the winner until tomorrow.
  14. The factory operates until 6 pm every day.
  15. I’ll be traveling until the end of the month.
  16. The museum is open until 8 pm on Fridays.
  17. She won’t eat until she finishes her work.
  18. We’ll keep playing until someone wins.
  19. He practiced piano until his fingers hurt.
  20. The sale lasts until the end of the week.

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