Signs from the Universe: How to Know If Someone Misses You


In this article, we delve into the subtle cues and signs from the Universe that may indicate when someone misses you deeply. This is how the Universe shows you that someone misses you very much.


Surprising signs that someone misses you. This is how you know that someone is pining for you, that there can be something better than capturing someone’s imagination, heart and mind. This hostile takeover of all the senses is what we call the state of infatuation. Every fiber of our body is then consumed by the object of our desire, and even at night, when we should be asleep, we are with him in spirit. So you can be sure that the person of your dreams feels the same way about you when he misses you. He faces a whole range of emotions and moods, some of them are so strong that they will find their way to you through invisible paths on the pad. Which is today, we’d like to introduce you to some spiritual signs that someone misses you very much:

1. Thinking about tea fills you with joy and inner peace. Longing involves a rather wonderful interaction. Your sender consciously knows how to convey to us a fantastic feeling of harmony and tranquility when we think of him. This person loves you very much and wants to be your refuge and home.

2. Your paths cross constantly. The universe likes to demonstrate its sense of humor, but also its omnipotence, literally imposing kindness on us. If a certain person is so interested in us that all his thoughts and feelings inevitably pull him in our direction, we will not be able to avoid him.

3. Music reminds you of him. Along with love, music has the honorary title of universal language of the world. If it sets the rhythm and reminds you of a certain person, every step may be thinking of you with devotion.


4. Earth signs also speak in this sense. Who says that higher powers only ever send angels or mystical oracles into the world to tell us something? Sometimes a road sign indicating detours or an ad in a newspaper can let us know all there is to know. Be alert and be on the lookout for groupings and what we call coincidence.

5. White feathers pave the way for you. One of the most popular means of communication in the universe is white feathers. The spiritual world believes that they often even come directly from our guardian angel if you find one on your way. Good news awaits you, perhaps even from someone who misses you.

6. Number 6, people mention your name. The subconscious mind uses amazing ways and means to gain space in our consciousness. One such tactic is to include the names of certain people. They are called names for a reason.

7. Number 7, Angelic numbers accompany you after the mystical white feathers. Angelic numbers, such as 222 or 333, are also a celestial way of directing our attention in a certain direction. The universe likes to engage in these kinds of number games that are supposed to direct your attention to people or events.

8. Number 8, your thoughts and their attempts to contact you go hand in hand. How often does it happen that we think of someone and they contact us at that very moment. Telepathy or higher powers, who has anything to do with this? Mentally focusing on a person is not a one-way street, but always triggers an opposite reaction.

9. Let’s continue with number nine. Coincidences accumulate. The spiritual world knows no chance. Chains of events that occur in clusters and seem to have nothing to do with each other are called synchronicities. When these take over in your life, there is often a divine or universal plan behind them.

10. Number 10, you can feel their closeness even if they are not present. Missing someone creates high waves in the frequencies we send out. Love and heartbreak release powerful energy fields that must resonate somewhere. Sometimes this feeling of longing manifests so strongly in the person to whom it is addressed that they can feel the presence of the sender.


11. Number 11: Your thoughts constantly revolve around him. If a person always manages to attract your attention, this interaction is usually mutual. Thoughts are like magnets that attract others. So if you often find yourself wishing that someone in particular is circling your perception, he or she is probably thinking about you.

12. Number 12: You suddenly get goose bumps. Goose bumps are one of the latest signs in the bag of tricks of the higher powers, along with hiccups and ringing in the ears. They tell us for sure that we can’t get someone out of our minds. If someone misses us, the fine hairs on our arm stand up like little cosmic antennae.

13. Number 13: Your intuition lets you know. There is a universal interpreter who can simultaneously translate messages and friendly hints from higher powers. We speak, of course, of our intuition. If we listen to it regularly, over time we will understand it better and better.

14. Number 14: What do the stars say? Do you like horoscopes, fortune telling or deciphering oracles? They will also tell you if someone has feelings for you.

15. Number 15: Sometimes a deep sadness comes over you. Feelings can act like a mirror. Longing saddens and the missing person feels this deprivation with the same intensity as the sender of this feeling.

16. Number 16: Dream significantly about him. Pay attention to your dream images and suspect that someone wants something more from you than to be your friend. Great feelings often make the leap into the dream world when they fail to gain a foothold in the real one.

Our conclusion for today: he misses you. Now what? It’s a nice feeling to be missed. Someone likes us and wants us by their side, or at least closer to their life. If this longing is mutual, the next step is clear. Let go of your feelings and acknowledge the truth. It certainly takes courage and represents the ultimate leap of faith in love. But conjecture and speculation will get you nowhere. It is better to know the truth than to dream the lie.

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