Meanings of Dreams About Witches, Meaning of Being Witch, Casting Spell


What does it mean to dream of a witch? What does it mean to be a witch, to hunt witches, to be chased by witches, to cast spells in a dream?

Witch in a Dream


Witch in a Dream

Witches can be a sign of wisdom, psychic and empathetic abilities, wisdom, healing, transformation, as well as good and evil spirits. They can also symbolize magical powers and spells. Such dreams can reveal your psychic abilities and you probably don’t know how to use them.


In some cases, these dreams may indicate facing your fears. In some cases, this dream may indicate facing disappointments soon.

Dreaming of a witch or several witches is usually not a good sign. This dream may indicate problems at work or at home. Sometimes this dream may indicate that you will face financial troubles soon, and sometimes you will be involved in some scandals.

If you have seen a friendly and kind-hearted witch, such a dream is a good sign and indicates many social gatherings that you will probably attend soon.


If you have seen a dead witch in your dream, it is interpreted as your ability to overcome obstacles or successfully deal with your rivals and enemies.



Being a Witch in a Dream

If you have seen yourself as a witch in your dream and you are doing magic, such a dream can have various meanings. The dream could be a sign that you have some psychic powers. It can also indicate going through inner transformation or experiencing some life changes.

In some cases, this dream reveals your desire to change something. Sometimes it indicates that you will receive bad news soon.

Dreaming of a Witch Making a Magical Potion

If you have observed in a dream that a witch is making a magical potion, such a dream is usually a good sign. If you are sick, this dream portends recovery soon. It also heralds the end of a difficult period you are going through.

If there is more than one witch preparing magical potions in your dream, your dream may indicate using your creativity to create something special.

Dreaming of Being Chased by a Witch

To see a witch or witches chasing you in your dream symbolizes an unpleasant woman in your life that you do not get along with. That woman could be your boss or someone you have to see regularly, she. You are overwhelmed by this person and do not know how to get rid of it. It could also be someone trying to persuade you to do something you don’t want to do.


Dreaming of Hunting Witches

Being part of a witch hunt or witch trial in your dream indicates your doubts about others’ intentions towards you. Maybe you think someone is behind your back or is trying to sabotage your actions in some way.

This dream should be seen as a warning that you should check all the facts before reacting so you don’t falsely accuse someone who doesn’t deserve it.



Talking to a Witch in a Dream

If you have seen that you are talking to a witch in your dream, it may indicate that you have been betrayed or deceived by your rivals or someone trying to deceive you. This dream means that you need the advice of a reliable person.

Witch casting a spell in a Dream

If you have seen a witch performing magic rituals, such a dream is a sign that you will receive help from someone powerful and influential. It also draws attention to your insecurity in your abilities.

Witch Flying on a Broom in a Dream

If you have observed a witch flying on a broomstick in a dream, such a dream is a good sign and usually indicates your ability to overcome obstacles.

If you have seen a witch’s broomstick in your dream, such a dream reveals your desire to get out of some situation. It shows your desire to get something done faster.

Dressing Like a Witch in a Dream

The person dressed as a witch in his dream has a tendency or desire to manipulate others. Seeing a familiar person dressed as a witch likewise indicates that that person has the ability to manipulate people.

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