International Animal Rights Day (December 10) and Activities


The rights of our furry friends are celebrated annually on International Animal Rights Day on December 10.

The holiday is shared with Human Rights Day, as it should be, because animals have the right to be treated with respect and acts of cruelty against them need to end as much as they do for humans.

The rights of our furry friends are celebrated annually on International Animal Rights Day on December 10.

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For hundreds of years, man has been killing and abusing animals for his personal gain. Whether in the exploitation of meat or animal skins for the sake of fashion and art, the justification that it is done out of necessity has really been pushed.

In 1948, the UN approved the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on December 10, after the torture that humans suffered during World War II in concentration camps by Nazi Germany. After this, organizations, associations and individuals around the world began to demand that this declaration be extended to the animal kingdom and that December 10 also be a day to defend animal rights. 22 years after the UN approved its historic declaration, the word “speciesism” was coined in 1970 to discuss and foster dialogue on discrimination against sentient beings because of their species. The whole idea that animals are inferior and live for the sole purpose of satisfying the needs and desires of humans is an irrational prejudice against them. Just as certain segments of the human race are suffering due to sexism and racism, animals suffer as much, if not more, because they cannot defend themselves.

The rights of our furry friends are celebrated annually on International Animal Rights Day on December 10.

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Despite the coinage of this term, it was not until 1998 that an official declaration in favor of animal rights was approved. Uncaged, which is an animal protection organization, created International Animal Rights Day to shed light on all kinds of violence against animals. The founders behind this day stated that since animals cannot protest, vote or advocate for their own protection, it is the responsibility of humans to do so for them. December 10 was intentionally chosen so that International Animal Rights Day coincides with Human Rights Day. Since then, events, demonstrations and fundraisers, often covered by traditional media, have been organized around the world to expose the reality of animal abuse and exploitation.



1945 – Stand up against the man
George Orwell publishes his satirical novel “Animal Farm,” in which a group of farm animals rebel against the farmer, hoping to create a just and just society for the animals.

March 22, 1980 – PETA is founded
One of the largest activist organizations for animal rights, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is established in the United States.

The rights of our furry friends are celebrated annually on International Animal Rights Day on December 10.

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2011 – Nothing is impossible because it is impossible.
Impossible Foods is established by Patrick Brown to reduce the slaughter of animals for meat.

2020 – Cher saves the “loneliest elephant in the world.”
Singer Cher, along with various animal rights organizations, rescues Kaavan, the lone elephant after 35 years of captivity in Pakistan.


Why is World Animal Day celebrated?
The celebration of World Animal Day on October 4 (a separate holiday from International Animal Rights Day) catalyzes the global movement to make the world a better place for animals.

What is the difference between human rights and animal rights?
Human rights and animal rights are not that different. In fact, the line should be blurry. Just as all human lives are precious, the lives of animals are important too, and essentially any act that can be classified as cruelty to humans is definitely an act of cruelty to animals as well.


What does PETA mean?
PETA stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.


Write an editorial
If you want to go beyond local campaigns and digital awareness, write an article on animal rights for your local newspaper.

Teach them young
If you have young children in your family, teach them to always be kind to animals. With the depiction of violence and viral videos on the rise in the mainstream media, it is a good idea to teach young people to never take the topic of animal abuse lightly.

The rights of our furry friends are celebrated annually on International Animal Rights Day on December 10.

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Switch to a cruelty-free lifestyle
This is likely something that can’t be done overnight, but it can start small by boycotting companies that continue to test on animals. It’s a small step, but it is sure to have a big effect in the long run.


Equality for all, and we mean EVERYONE
We love how there are ongoing awareness campaigns on social media against discrimination based on color, race and ethnicity. International Animal Rights Day serves to remind us that humanity and goodness should be for all sentient creatures, and not just for humans.

Unleashing a massive movement
Advocating for animal rights is nothing short of a revolution. Ending cruelty to animals means completely revamping our lifestyles so that we are not so dependent on the exploitation of animals to advance science, medicine, fashion, and the food industry.

We just LOVE animals!
International Animal Rights Day is a serious holiday that gives us much to ponder, but it also gives us the opportunity to love our furry friends more and go the extra mile to care for them. So give the stray dogs in your neighborhood a treat, visit a shelter and play with the animals there, and maybe cuddle and cuddle your pet a little closer today.

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