Happy Constitution Day Messages, Citizenship Quotes, 17 September


Every year September 17 is celebrated as Constitution Day and Citizenship Day in the United States of America.

Happy Constitution Day Messages, Citizenship Quotes – 17 September


It was on this day that the United States adopted its constitution and recognized all those who became citizens of the United States. It is imperative to wish all of your loved ones on Constitution Day, also known as Citizenship Day in the United States, by sending inspiring Citizenship Day messages. Wish your family, friends, relatives, colleagues at work on this special day with the best quotes from Constitution Day and Citizenship Day.

We bring you a wonderful collection of Happy Citizenship Day messages, Constitution Day congratulations messages, and Constitution Day quotes to send to your loved ones through Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.

Happy Constitution Day messages

  • “The Constitution forms the backbone of our country and on the occasion of Constitution Day, we must thank all those who gave us such a strong constitution.”
  • “Each country has its constitution that defines a nation and its compatriots…. Wishing everyone a very happy Constitution Day. “
  • “The occasion of Constitution Day reminds us that we were born in a country that has a strong constitution, which defines its present and future…. Happy Constitution Day to you. “Happy Constitution Day Messages, Citizenship Quotes – 17 September

Citizenship Day greetings and messages

  • Justice for all, Freedom for all and Equality for all…. Wishing you a very happy Constitution Day…. Let’s celebrate this day as proud citizens of America.
  • The Constitution is not merely a document but it explains the way of life not only of citizens but also of the nation…. Best wishes on Constitution Day.
  • Today, as we celebrate Citizenship Day, we must pledge to contribute to the growth and prosperity of our country as responsible citizens.

Famous Citizenship Phrases for Students

  • Elections not only remind us of the rights of citizens but also the responsibilities of citizenship- Robert Kennedy
  • There can be no daily democracy without daily citizenship- Ralph Nader
  • Full participation in government and society has been a basic right of the country that symbolizes full citizenship and equal protection for all- Charles B. RangelUSA

Congratulations on your citizenship quotes

  • Wishing you sincere congratulations on becoming a citizen of a growing and inspiring nation…. Best wishes to you on Citizenship Day.
  • It is truly a blessing to become a citizen of a country that advances with each passing moment…. Wishing a very happy citizenship day.
  • Being born as a citizen of a country like the United States of America is a good fortune and you must value it… .. A very Happy Citizenship Day.

Citizenship Quotes for Elementary Students

  • The best thing a person can do for their nation is to become a responsible citizen … Best wishes to you on Citizenship Day.
  • A country becomes what its citizens become…. So always try to become a citizen who loves and respects his country… Happy Citizenship Day.
  • The mother of the earth is the purest and best valued love in this world … if you love your country, only you can make it the best in this world. Best regards on Citizenship Day.

Quotes on good citizenship

  • A good citizen is one who always maintains his responsibilities before his rights for his nation…. A very happy citizenship day.
  • You may have no other choice in choosing your citizenship, but you definitely have the option of becoming a good citizen.
  • Citizens are born but they become good citizens, everything you do contributes to becoming a good or a bad citizen.Happy Constitution Day

Quotes on active citizenship of politicians

  • Active citizenship begins with a vision of the desired outcome and a conscious application of spiritual principles – Dennis Kucinich
  • As citizens of this democracy, you are the rulers and the ruled, the legislators and the law-abiding, the beginning and the end – Adlai E. Stevenson
  • It was really important to become a US citizen in the right way. You have to work very hard and it is an honor to be able to say that- Camila Alves


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