World Stationery Day (last Wednesday of April) History, Facts, and Ideas to Observe


Discover the history and significance of World Stationery Day, and get inspired with ideas to celebrate and embrace the art of writing. From interesting facts to tips on how to observe, learn all about the importance of stationery in our daily lives.

World Stationery Day is an annual event that celebrates the art of writing and encourages people to embrace the use of pens, pencils, and paper. It is usually observed on the last Wednesday of April each year, and its purpose is to highlight the importance of stationery in our daily lives, both for work and personal purposes. This day aims to promote the use of stationery and to raise awareness of its environmental and social impact. It also encourages people to support local and small businesses that sell stationery items.

History of World Stationery Day

World Stationery Day was first celebrated in 2012, and since then, it has been observed annually on the last Wednesday of April. The event was founded by the London Stationery Show, which is the UK’s leading trade show for stationery and writing products.

The aim of World Stationery Day is to promote the use of stationery and writing products, and to raise awareness of their importance in our daily lives. The day is also used to promote the use of sustainable and eco-friendly stationery, and to encourage people to support local and small businesses that sell stationery items.

Over the years, World Stationery Day has gained popularity and has been celebrated in different parts of the world. It has become a platform for stationery enthusiasts, brands, and retailers to come together and celebrate the art of writing and the role that stationery plays in our lives.

World Stationery Day


How to Observe World Stationery Day

There are many ways to observe World Stationery Day, and here are some ideas:

  1. Write a letter: Take some time to write a letter to a friend or family member. Use beautiful stationery and a pen that you love.
  2. Share on social media: Share your love for stationery on social media using the hashtag #WorldStationeryDay. You can share pictures of your favorite stationery items or write a post about why you love stationery.
  3. Organize a stationery swap: Organize a stationery swap with friends or colleagues. Each person can bring a few stationery items that they no longer use or need, and everyone can trade items.
  4. Visit a local stationery store: Visit a local stationery store and show your support for small businesses. You can also purchase some new stationery items to add to your collection.
  5. Donate stationery items: Donate stationery items to a school, library, or community center. Many children and adults do not have access to basic stationery items, so your donation can make a big difference.
  6. Get creative: Use your stationery items to create something beautiful. You can make a handmade card, a scrapbook page, or a piece of art.

Remember, the goal of World Stationery Day is to celebrate the art of writing and the importance of stationery in our daily lives. So, whatever you choose to do, have fun and enjoy the beauty of stationery!

Interesting Facts About Stationery

Here are some interesting facts about stationery:

  1. The first known pencils were made in 1565, in England.
  2. The first known stapler was made in the 18th century, in France.
  3. The ballpoint pen was invented by László Bíró in 1938.
  4. Paperclips were invented in the United States in 1899.
  5. The oldest known surviving notebook is the “Nag Hammadi Codex,” which dates back to the third or fourth century AD.
  6. In Japan, there is a tradition of giving a child a set of stationery when they enter school. This is known as “shichi-go-san,” which means “seven-five-three.”
  7. The world’s largest pencil measures 65.5 feet (20 meters) long and weighs over 4,500 pounds (2,040 kilograms).
  8. The world’s smallest pencil measures just 4 centimeters long and is made in Germany.
  9. The ink used in most ballpoint pens is made up of around 40% to 60% oil.
  10. The word “stationery” comes from the Latin word “stationarius,” which means “belonging to an official station or post.” In medieval times, this referred to books and writing materials used by government officials.

Why World World Stationery Day is Important

World Stationery Day


World Stationery Day is important for several reasons:

  1. Encourages creativity and self-expression: Writing, drawing, and creating with stationery allows for self-expression and encourages creativity.
  2. Promotes good communication skills: Stationery, such as pens and paper, are important tools for communication, whether it’s writing a letter, taking notes, or making a to-do list. Using stationery regularly can improve communication skills and aid in the development of clear and concise writing.
  3. Supports local and small businesses: Celebrating World Stationery Day can raise awareness of the importance of supporting local and small businesses that sell stationery items.
  4. Promotes sustainability: World Stationery Day encourages the use of eco-friendly and sustainable stationery, such as recycled paper and biodegradable pens, which can help reduce waste and protect the environment.
  5. Fosters appreciation for tradition and history: Stationery has a rich history and tradition, and celebrating World Stationery Day can help foster an appreciation for this heritage.

Overall, World Stationery Day is an important event that celebrates the art of writing, encourages creativity and self-expression, supports small and local businesses, promotes sustainability, and fosters an appreciation for tradition and history.

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