What is Cosmic Consciousness? The development of Cosmic Consciousness


What you need to know about the cosmic consciousness and its develeopment. The old conceptions will soon be abandoned, and even the traditional scientific perspective will undergo an evolution, from total materialism, towards an increasingly spiritual perception of reality.

Cosmic Consciousness

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Cosmic Consciousness

The soul descends from the omnipresent spirit and identifies with the imperfections of the physical body, which causes it to lose its perfect state. It must fight against all the limitations of matter and abandon all identification with its body and life. To achieve this, two steps must be followed: the first is to conquer greed and cultivate the desire to succeed and earn money in the right way. The second is to conquer the power of the senses through self-control and ward off the fear of disease with thoughts of self-healing.

The desire for health and wealth is a good thing, but it is not enough. After obtaining wealth and health, a person must try to rise above all conditions and limitations of the physical body in order to perceive the eternal spirit of divine consciousness. The first step for this is to seek God the father and find fulfillment of all desires. One should ask for health, prosperity and all that is necessary, but finding God does not mean to stop acting in the world. We all have a mission here on earth and we must create a winning identity to expel the darkness of past lives and reclaim our freedom from the wheel of karma.

To rid the body of weakness and disease and achieve total perfection of harmony, it is necessary to perceive the extraordinary presence of God. However, this cannot be achieved if darkness, ignorance, disease and mental disharmony prevail. Man has two channels of perception, one internal and one external. The soul is eternal and ever conscious, and is a perfect creator of individualized joy.


During meditation, the soul withdraws its limited attention and identifies with matter through the power of the third eye. Through hearing, smell, taste, touch and astral vision, the soul marvels at the dimension of omnipresent cosmic consciousness and its joy. When the soul identifies with the body, with its relatives and material possessions, it becomes the deluded little ego. And like the ego, the soul takes on all the limitations, qualifications and characteristics of the body with which it has identified.


In the ego state, having identified with the slums of matter, the soul imagines itself to be poor and limited. Its attention is identified with the five external senses and only observes the limitations of matter. The external senses only reveal their limitations in the ego state. The soul does not perceive the beautiful cosmic energy in every atom, only the limitations of human faces, flowers and nature. On the other hand, the soul tries to persuade the attention to turn the senses inward, to admire God with astral vision. The beauty of a face or of nature is transitory and depends on the power of the physical eyes.

However, the beauty of cosmic energy is eternal, and can be seen with or without physical eyes. The beauties of the astral worlds, their landscapes and their colors, are always fascinating and ever-changing. The soul must fight against its mistaken ego consciousness of human qualities, such as “I am a man”, “I am American, Spanish or Italian”, “I am rich or I am poor”. Attention must turn inward to admire the realm of infinity through astral vision.

Material desire is at the head of all sense tendencies. It is the desire that induces discrimination, following sense pleasures, laziness and physical comfort, instead of following the happiness of the soul, which consists in total peace of mind. Divine consciousness seeps into human consciousness in the form of the soul. That divine consciousness is an impartial observer. However, the soul grants us consciousness, giving us the ability to feel pleasure or suffer.

To become more aware of the soul, we must say to ourselves, “I am not really the entity that is good or bad.” God is the soul of man, it is individualized but perfect. The soul is the witness. Through the ego, it experiences the joys and sufferings of the world. Through intuition, the soul offers wise guidance when we ask for it and when the ego is open and receptive to it. Even if we lose hope or if some sudden painful event distracts us from our path, it will still help us in some way. The soul will step in and prevent us from slipping further. This is a thought that can help us overcome our dark moments.

Grace received by the power of the soul is a very important feature along our path of divine aspiration. When we experience a particularly painful moment, it may happen that we are confused and disoriented. We may feel abandoned and helpless. If the past karma is basically good, the soul will provide us with all kinds of support and clues, such as insights aimed at resolving the situation.

God is everything

God is not alone in everything. God is everything. Nothing could have come into existence if he had not dreamed it into existence. However, even the universe in all its immensity is not directly a product of his will, since he alone gave the initial creative impulse. God is withdrawn, immutable and untouched by anything. He transmits his power, love and wisdom to universal and conscious forces manifested by him, which produce the physical universe as we know it. God and Mother Nature are not separate, but are one.

God and Mother Nature are not separate, but are one fundamental reality. Satan is not such a separate or different reality from God. Satan is a manifestation of the meshing force directed outward, out of spirit and directed toward the material creation. Satan is a conscious will, a manifestation of consciousness in matter. Satan is the source of all disharmony and discord, he is the root of any disease or distortion of what might otherwise have been a carefree existence on earth: pestilence and disease, poisonous and harmful insects, the intrusion of ugliness intent on disturbing all that is beautiful and uplifting. All this is not the product of higher entities, but of that satanic force that wants disharmony on earth. In the higher astral realms, these disturbances do not exist; even to the spiritually evolved physical worlds that are the future of our planet, such disturbances do not manifest in worlds with low energy vibrations. However, such discomforts are fulfilled and aggravate the overall suffering.


The cosmic vision that is emerging at this time on this planet no longer reconciles with the old way of understanding life. In fact, even science is moving toward a vision that includes a universal consciousness. Soon the old conceptions will be abandoned, and even the traditional scientific perspective will undergo an evolution from total materialism to an increasingly spiritual perception of reality. Without conscious evil, conscious good could not exist; without duality, there could be no cosmic manifestation. Final victory cannot be objectively of good or evil; final victory is reserved only for individuals.

God is impersonal

God is impersonal, but he dwells in each of us and cares for each of us in a very personal way. If we give him our love through our human feelings, God is also very personal. Silly, cloying feelings do not win him over; miracles are a constant for one who leads a spiritual life appealing to God the father. People truly receive his loving response. The condition for forming this relationship with him is total trust and the total absence of selfish desires.

All human suffering is due to the simple thought that things should be different than they are, but everything can be transcended. Any great problem can be transcended by accepting the first thing as it is. For Maanza Yogananda, he taught this practice: acknowledge the existence of a problem, then focus on its depth and then simply let it go. You will find that complete acceptance of it will allow you to let it go.

Don’t let others tell you how it should be, but don’t arrogantly ignore their advice either. Rather, always try to be true to your nature. At the same time, true change occurs only through spiritual ascension. If there is some quality in you that you do not like, try to raise your consciousness to a higher level. However, if you realize that you cannot ignore that pain, try to penetrate it with meditation. When you get to the core of the problem or pain, offer it to God.

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