What Does Scorpion Mean in a Dream? Meaning of Dreams About Scorpions


What does it mean if you dream about scorpion? Interpretation of dreams about a killing a scorpion, Scorpion coming out of the wall, dead scorpion, burning a scorpion, black, yellow and black scorpions.

What Does Scorpion Mean in a Dream? Meaning of Dreams About Scorpions

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Dreaming of a scorpion is usually a warning sign, which does not represent a good omen. After all, the scorpion is well known for being a treacherous and venomous animal. Its bite is characterized by intense, if not fatal, pain. Therefore, having the scorpion in a dream symbolizes rancor, malice, perversity and often portends betrayal.

Likewise, dreaming about scorpions is a way of expressing your most negative feelings. These stored emotions may be harming some area of ​​your life or even those close to you. In this sense, Scorpio warns that you will go through some painful situation. Stay tuned!

On the other hand, the scorpion is a very instinctive animal and reminds us of the need for reflection. So it’s time to meditate on what’s been going on in your life. In short, to understand the deepest and most negative feelings that we internalize. Often they are revealed in the form of a grudge. Therefore, it is necessary to turn more towards yourself and take care of your interior, also taking care of others around you.

In addition, because of this instinctive aspect, the scorpion represents a primordial need for self-defense. This comes from the characteristics of the animal itself, which is very observant and attacks when it feels threatened. That is, this self-protection borders on mistrust and this is reflected when we dream of scorpions. Thus, the tendency is to wake up from the dream suspicious of some betrayal or some poorly digested situation. On the one hand, this is good, as it is increasingly necessary to return to weighting.


But to understand exactly the meaning of your dream , it is essential to analyze a number of factors. For example, the characteristics of the scorpion and its actions.

What does it mean to dream of a scorpion sting?

This situation is very common among people who dream about scorpions. The question that leaves everyone distressed is: what does this mean? To dream of a scorpion sting suggests that your attitudes are harming yourself. So put your hand on your conscience!

Desert Scorpion

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Dream about killing a scorpion

This type of dream indicates that some circumstance will harm your profits. However, when the difficulty passes, you will find financial stability. It can also announce the defeat of enemies.

Scorpion coming out of the wall

If you dreamed of a scorpion coming out of the wall, stay tuned! Your health could be in danger.

Dead scorpion

Dreaming of a dead scorpion is a harbinger that something bad will shake your life. Strengthen your physical and psychological to get through it without further damage.

To dream that you are burning a scorpion

This kind of dream means that a strong enemy is nearby. Protect yourself to preserve your dreams and projects.

Scorpion in bed or underwear

Watch out! When the scorpion is in someone’s bed or underwear, it indicates that the person you live with is unfaithful. On the other hand, when Scorpio is in their own thing, it means that something is being plotted against their life. Also that you have a close enemy close by.


Scorpion in the belly

It signals that relatives can become enemies.

Dream about swallowing a scorpion

This kind of distressing dream can show that an enemy will get to know some secret of yours.


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Dream about many scorpions

This type of dream portends possible betrayals. People around you are plotting something to harm you.

The scorpion protecting some object

To dream that the scorpion is protecting some object, shows an impediment to access some psychic instance. This makes any kind of correction of this mental structure difficult.

Scorpion colors can affect the meaning of dreams

Like other animals, scorpions have different colors and this directly affects the meaning of dreams. Each color conveys a different message.

Black scorpion

Fears are holding you back. Get off the defensive and free yourself!

Yellow scorpion

It’s time to mature. Dreaming of a yellow scorpion shows that some of your attitudes are still childish and immature.

Red scorpion

Take care of your heart! This Scorpio color portends some deception or betrayal.

So, what does it mean to dream of a scorpion?

In general, dreaming of a scorpion is not a good sign. This arachnid brings harbingers of bad things, such as pain, bad luck and betrayal. However, it also shows us the need for self-knowledge and overcoming. Likewise, it can represent someone’s rebirth, through releasing the old to give the new a chance. This feeling of letting go of things from the past also goes back to the negative thoughts you have been harboring. It’s time to let go of it, to take care of yourself, to avoid self-destruction.

In addition, some species of this animal can show us good things. This is the case with the white scorpion. Although most scorpion colors refer to negativity, the white scorpion symbolizes purity and innocence.

Another positive case is dreaming that you are playing with a scorpion. This indicates self-knowledge, more closeness and intimacy with one’s own instincts.


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