Use Your in a Sentence, How to use “Your” in a sentence


Use Your in a sentence. How to use the word Your in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Your. Sentence for Your.

Use Your in a Sentence

Examples of Your in a sentence

  1. 1 – I was quite surprised by your honesty.
  2. 2 – This drastically reduces processing costs and creates economies of scale to manage your master data effectively.
  3. 3 – How should your Single regard drug use?
  4. 4 – Should your Single have children now?
  5. 5 – To set up your personal Bookmarks, click on the link marked “Bookmarked Members” located at the bottom of each Member’s profile.
  6. 6 – To remove a Member from your Bookmark list, click the “X” icon next to the Member’s Handle in the list or click the “Remove Bookmark” icon located at the bottom of each Bookmarked Member’s Profile.
  7. 7 – Your spouse and your unmarried children under the age of 21 must be added to your application.
  8. *** You must add your spouse to your application even though you are not living together.
  9. *** Your unmarried children under the age of 21( your nature children, your formally adopted children and your spouse’s children from his/her previous marriage ) must be added on the application form.
  10. *** It is not necessary that your children are living with your or not .
  11. *** Importance of applying separately with your spouse is doubling your chances.
  12. *** You may pay your application fees online with credit card by using secure connection provided by our specialized partner NKFU.
  13. *** More that one application means the elimination of your applications.
  14. *** On the application control panel you may check your datas.
  15. *** After the last controls of your form, we do sent your form with the other to Immigration and Naturalization Service on line and on time.
  16. *** During these processes you can follow your application with the application control panel.
  17. *** Simply connect the antenna to the board on the back of your computer.
  18. *** You can continue learning and adding to your repertoire of behaviors during the time that there is breath in your body.
  19. *** Do you use an accredited institute to calibrate your reference equipment?
  20. *** You can transport your belongings by air or by sea.

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