Use You in a Sentence

Use You in a sentence. How to use the word You in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word You.

Definition of You

Examples of You in a sentence

*** Jonathan, you must ask the price of a room, and don’t expect too much.

*** If you want a qualified accountant, your services are not cheap.

*** It was the most boring movie you can imagine!

*** The pieces you are reading are adapted from the writings of the dramatist and author Michael Frayn.

*** You must admit that George, you are talking absolute rubbish.

*** What is the absolute maximum you can pay?

*** A car is an absolute necessity if you live in the country.

*** Do you think there is absolute truth / beauty?

*** I can offer you $ 220, but that is my absolute limit.

*** I have told you with absolute certainty that there will be no change in policy.

*** The Aardvarks are intriguing animals, if you like that kind of thing.

*** That will give you an incredible choice of all times, which is the best and perfect choice of all time.

*** That should see you think he credits what.

*** Can you clarify this long prayer?

*** Ask Simon to cook the food? Get out, you can barely boil an egg!

*** He will decrease part of the price if you ask him.

*** First you will enter a new document, then you will learn how to delete the unwanted characters and insert new ones.

*** You will have to kill these unwanted plants with poison.

*** You can give your unwanted products to charity.

** Do you have any unwanted items for the sale of jumble?

*** However, instead, one of you could be the proud owner of an Action Replay cartridge.

*** From the top of the hill you can see the entire surrounding countryside.

*** Winnetka has that small-town atmosphere of tree-lined streets and a commercial district of a street you can not find in the suburbs.

*** It’s the old Cedar Tree Kingdom that greets you today.

*** Hopefully you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and progress every day!

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