Whose in a Sentence


How to use the word Whose in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Whose.

Examples of Whose in a sentence

*** Georges Feydeau;(1862-1921), French playwright, whose farces amused even the most sophisticated public of his day and continue to enjoy an enduring success.

*** CADDISFLY, is the common name for any member of an order of aquatic insects whose larvae live on the bottoms of freshwater lakes and streams.

*** Every Profile page gives you the option to send a message to the person whose Profile you are reading.

*** The easiest way to search for those 8sa.net Members whose Profiles you have already seen is to conduct a Bookmarked Members Search.


*** “No temple made with hands can be compared to Yosemite,” according to naturalist John Muir, whose writings inspired conservationists and legislators to seek federal protection for their pristine beauty.

*** Barclay: Scottish Quaker apologist whose Truth Triumphant (1692), a collection of his writings, describes and defends the principles of Quakerism.

*** This scheme has much in common with those developed by two others, whose writings have influenced this presentation.

*** His writings had a profound effect on others whose names appeared on the list.

*** The unidentified animal, whose similarity to an anteater has been observed in the scholarship.

*** This produces energy and also unwanted lethal products whose elimination is a matter of great political concern.

*** They shared birthday cakes with Wang Sixiu, Kang Yuening, Huang Haixiang, Zhang Xiang, Zhou Yan, whose birthday was just that day.

*** Caddis flies belong to the order Trichoptera, whose name means “hairy winged.”

*** The school is especially for children whose education has been interrupted by an illness.

*** Most Chinese names are different in male and female names. But there is a non-small number of names whose sexual characteristics are not obvious. , even deceptive.

*** Walking behind that line were soldiers with thick canes in their hands, who used freely against anyone who moved or whose hands began to loosen

*** the Irish playwright Samuel Beckett was a man who weighed his words, a lonely and lonely figure obsessed with silence, whose works struggled to express the absurdity of life.

*** The only creature on earth whose natural habitat is a zoo is the zookeeper.

*** Henri Duveyrier; (1840-1892), French explorer of the Sahara, whose explorations paved the way for French penetration of the area.

*** Hungary in particular, whose privileged status had been abolished in 1848, was restive and, it was feared, disloyal.

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