Use Visible in a Sentence, How to use “Visible” in a sentence


Use Visible in a sentence. How to use the word Visible in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Visible. Sentence for Visible.

Use Visible in a Sentence - How to use "Visible" in a sentence

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Examples of visible in a sentence

  1. The scars remained visible all her life.
  2. Is any visible substance lighter than air?
  3. How were they to make this effect visible?
  4. Cover them so only the tops of the shoots are visible.
  5. They float, and they are visible, I am sure.”
  6. “What do you mean by visible substance?” said Nathan.
  7. “No,” said his father, “I don’t think of any visible substance that is.”
  8. The problems of polluted soil and water are less visible but possibly even worse.
  9. Gigantic blocks, visible even now here and there, formed the dams of the harbours of Aradus, Sidon, Tyre, and Japho.
  10. The sales tax is not so much unfair as it is relentlessly visible and that, I would argue, is good.
  11. I am not absolutely certain, but I believe there is no visible substance that is lighter than the air; and it is very well for us there is not.
  12. And when you look from afar, the cavity itself is not visible, and it seems that the lake is on the platform.
  13. The Message Center does not provide visible links to Members’ personal e-mail addresses.
  14. After using the cream for a month, I could not see any visible difference.
  15. Through its translucent skin showed the blue veins, its interior as visible and vulnerable as a tiny transparent shrimp.
  16. Here, very convincingly, the social convenience of the contestants replaces the clearly visible reality.
  17. He’s an innovator in the field of data visualization, a way of making large amounts of information visible at a glance.
  18. There seems to have been no way to keep all the solid and visible substances of the earth down upon its surface, but to make them all heavier than the air.


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