Use Video in a Sentence, How to use “Video” in a sentence


Use Video in a sentence. How to use the word Video in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Video. Sentence for Video.


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Examples of video in a sentence

  1. I got a dual-screen video recording.
  2. The video got over 6 million views and over 1 million likes.
  3. In February 2006, Viz launched the “Shojo Beat Home Video” line for releasing anime titles primarily designed for female viewers.
  4. The first part presents the video you were observing (you’ve a good taste, ahah…), and the 2nd screen shows the movie from your own webcam.
  5. In case I fail to get bitcoins, I’ll undoubtedly transfer your video file to all your contacts, along with family members, colleagues, and so forth?
  6. To learn more about A Charlie Brown Christmas, watch the video above.
  7. This video log amplifier is based on a monolithic IC, which is fabricated using PN junction isolation bipolar process by SISC, and all peripheral devices are integrated using hybrid IC process.
  8. First is design and implementation of DTV Program Producing and Scheduling System Front-ends(PSSF) based on the macroscopical description information of video program.
  9. A new method for predetermination of all-zero blocks in low rate video coding is proposed, which is based on characters of discrete cosine transform(DCT) and quantization.
  10. This paper proposes a new algorithm of video watermarking based on kurtosis and DCT.
  11. Alexander is the first patient at the newly opened ReSTART, a video-game and Internet addiction recovery program in Fall City, Wash., about 30 miles east of Seattle.
  12. Recently an account named Graciewolfcat posted a video of a kitten that their fostered cat had.
  13. One of these people is Melbourne art historian and video creator Mary McGillivray, who created a series of very informative and witty videos explaining what art movements a particular work of art is from and who the artist who painted it is.


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