Use Under in a Sentence, How to use “Under” in a sentence


Use under in a sentence. Sentence for under. How to use the word under in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word under. How to use “under” with example sentences.

Use Under in a Sentence - How to use "Under" in a sentence


Examples of under in a sentence

  1. Under good conditions, yeasts multiply by budding; a type of asexual reproduction.
  2. He studied under the Jesuits in Lyon, and then at the Sorbonne in Paris, after which he acted as tutor to a youth being sent by his family to Italy.
  3. A spider appeared under the sofa.
  4. The vibration tube in the magnetic field vertically generates the magnetostriction under the effect of the alternative magnetic field, that is, the resonance of the axis.
  5. It also shows that the effect of the coefficient of seismic acceleration on the dimensionless stabilizing force is remarkable, especially under the high coefficients of seismic acceleration.
  6. It is the known equation for speed under constant acceleration.
  7. Parts of the Yucatan peninsula remained under a hurricane warning, and a tropical storm warning was installed for the western tip of Cuba, with heavy rainfall expected.
  8. Greece is under the control of the Ottoman Turks.
  9. Bosnia was under Ottoman rule until 1878, when it became a colony under Austria-Hungary.
  10. The congregation of pots hung from wire frames under a scorching sun.
  11. A modest congregation sat under the benches.
  12. This laser provided an early impetus for studies of instability by tending to produce noisy, increasing production even under almost constant excitation.
  13. His pink face, under a mass of snow-white hair, that “when his peruke was off was a venerable vision”, is increasingly benevolent and majestic.
  14. In 1703 the Church party under Gov. Robert Daniel succeeded in legally establishing the Church of England in the colony.
  15. Under some statutes, lack of acknowledgment makes an instrument void.
  16. He took refuge in Samarkand, under the protection of Gen. Konstantin Kaufmann.

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