Use Tremendous in a Sentence, How to use “Tremendous” in a sentence


Use Tremendous in a sentence. How to use the word Tremendous in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Tremendous. Sentence for Tremendous.

Use Tremendous in a Sentence - How to use "Tremendous" in a sentence

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Examples of tremendous in a sentence

  1. Her tremendous sacrifice failed to arrest the imagination of her time.
  2. The shock of the onset when they charged in this way upon the enemy was tremendous.
  3. The sails, when they attempted to use them, were blown away by the howling gusts, and the oars were broken to pieces by the tremendous dashing of the sea.
  4. Besides the forts and batteries, the Russians had a number of ships of their own at anchor in the waters, and as the fleet advanced a tremendous cannonade was opened on both sides, the ships of the Swedes against the ships and batteries of the Russians.
  5. Surgery is used cautiously—being generally reserved for those cases where the herniation is tremendous and is interfering with heart and lung functions.
  6. Then came a tremendous, stupefying crash, and the cataclysm gradually died away in silence, leaving an impenetrable, oppressive blackness.
  7. Charles and his court of the Star Chamber rejoiced in the power and efficacy of their tremendous tribunal.
  8. As the ship was advancing through the water all this time with tremendous speed, the paddle struck both the bow and the arrow the instant after they touched the water, and broke them both into pieces.
  9. When the right moment came, he ran across to the little door, shut it, and crowded it hard into its place; then darted back to his berth again, getting there just in time to save a tremendous lurch of the ship, which would have perhaps pitched him across the state room, if it had caught him when he was in the middle of the floor.
  10. The mayor, encouraged by these words, and being already in a state of boiling indignation and rage, immediately struck a tremendous blow upon Walter’s head with a cimeter which he had in his hand.


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