Use Train in a Sentence – How to use “Train” in a sentence


Use Train in a sentence. How to use the word Train in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Train. Sentence for Train.

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Examples of train in a sentence

  1. The train ran smoothly to Chancery Lane.
  2. This morning I missed the train by five minutes.
  3. Two wagons of goods disconnected from the train engine.
  4. He bought a return ticket and boarded the next train for home.
  5. As I got the train this morning, I met an old friend of mine.
  6. They can always dream up some new excuse for the train arriving late.
  7. He bought a return ticket and boarded the next train for home.
  8. He hopped on a freight train bound for New York.
  9. I missed the train this morning because I overslept again.
  10. He wanted to train as a public accountant with the ultimate goal of becoming general manager.
  11. The average acceleration of the impact and the average impact of the sledge train increase approximately in line with the increase in the deviation of the track.
  12. Train and provide operators with repair and maintenance skills.
  13. There is an excellent zoo, some spectacular caves, a steam train and much more.
  14. All fixed and rapidly frozen relationships, with their train of prejudices and ancient and venerable opinions, are eliminated, all new ones become obsolete before they can be ossified.
  15. Once I even took the train to Utrecht, forty miles from Amsterdam, with my yellow star, this star which I still have.
  16. He had travelled by train and brought with him potassium chlorate to be used as the explosive in the device.
  17. Every few minutes a humming train would glide into the station on the elevated guides suspended a hundred feet above the crowds, weaving in and out of structures and buttresses as it approached.
  18. What time does this train get to New York?


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