Use Time in a Sentence, How to use “Time” in a sentence


Use Time in a sentence. How to use the word Time in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Time. Sentence for Time.

Use Time in a Sentence - How to use "Time" in a sentence

Examples of Time in a sentence

  1. No offense to him but we will always remember him as one of the Greats but it is time to accept and get some talent into the team.
  2. Time inevitably ignores the particularities of each situation.
  3. Imaginary time is indistinguishable from directions in space.
  4. That is, time is imaginary and is indistinguishable from directions in space.
  5. He made a moaning background noise that from time to time sprouted in prominence, then fell back to mere accompaniment.
  6. The celebrant receives a medallion indicating the amount of time that person has abstained from consuming alcohol.
  7. Johann Strauss Jr. (ii); (1825-1899) was born in Vienna on Oct. 25, 1825. However, Johann, Jr., was composing music by the time he was 7 and was conducting his own ensembles before he was 19.
  8. The AƧta were in use in the time of Julius Caesar (100-44 b.c.) and may have been instituted by him.
  9. However, this did not appeal to him, and he spent much of his time painting landscapes and copying the old masters.
  10. Every time we open a bottle of soda, we observe the formation of gas bubbles.
  11. During this time Duvergier was made a canon of the Rayonne cathedral.
  12. Ironically, the sublime progress of Knight and Singh left little time for the real executors.
  13. He served for a time as page to Mary, Queen of Scots, then a prisoner in England.
  14. After a certain period of time can be bored by school rules.
  15. At the time of its consecration in 1910, it was the eleventh-largest church in the world.
  16. In 1816 he left the army and moved to St. Petersburg, where he met the leading literary men of the time (including Pushkin) and continued to adapt light, modish French farces and to coauthor Russian imitations.
  17. Early in the 1900’s, Barnes began collecting works of art in Europe, and by 1913 he was devoting all of his time to this avocation.

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