Use Thousand in a Sentence, How to use “Thousand” in a sentence


Use Thousand in a sentence. How to use the word Thousand in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Thousand. Sentence for Thousand.

Use Thousand in a Sentence - How to use "Thousand" in a sentence


Examples of Thousand in a sentence

  1. Motor vehicle deaths at night in the U.S. total only a few thousand more annually than during the day.
  2. The anteater is a mammalian snout that eats heavily with termites and can eat up to 100 thousand bugs in a single session.
  3. See more than a thousand species of fish is part of the fascination of the reef.
  4. There are thousands of unwanted teenage pregnancies every year.
  5. The regular doctor will administer a dose containing ten thousand times more of the mother drug than the homeopath.
  6. For mere mortals, a graphic metaphor, a convincing anecdote or a striking fact is worth a thousand articles in Econometrica.
  7. From lavish buffets to butties in the nightclub on Friday night, the vendors are working at full speed to feed the five thousand.
  8. In 1683, Vienna (the capital of Austria) was besieged by more than one hundred thousand Ottoman Turks.
  9. The preacher addressed a congregation of more than a thousand people.
  10. The temptation is to just write off two-thousand and twelve entirely and go…
  11. Ernst Haeckel mentions “monkey bread-fruit trees” in his The History of Creation, and claims that their” individual life exceeds a period of five thousand years”.
  12. Ten thousand days in the fire is long enough; You’re going home.
  13. Born alone, die alone No crew to keep my crown or throne I’m deep by sound alone Caved inside a thousand miles from home I need a new person for this black cloud to follow Cos while it ‘s over me it ‘s too dark to see tomorrow…
  14. I wrote down what I think on the head of a matchstick Wrote it all short and sweet, all that made sense to me burnt six thousand minds, sorry for all times I just can’t add up the sums to find the damage we’ve done…
  15. The experience of two thousand years has taught the Greeks that Governments never fight for noble ideals, and, if they relieve a small nation from a foreign yoke, it is, as often as not, in order to impose a new one.

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