Use Therefore in a Sentence – How to use “Therefore” in a sentence


Use Therefore in a sentence. How to use the word Therefore in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Therefore.

Use Therefore in a Sentence - How to use "Therefore" in a sentence


Examples of Therefore in a sentence

  1. It is therefore good for invalids.
  2. Projector lamps of this kind therefore are rated to give a life of about 25 to 100 hours.
  3. Therefore no worldwide figures for accidental deaths and injuries are available.
  4. Therefore, $100 would be debited to the proper asset account, and a credit of $100 would be entered in the proper net worth account.
  5. Therefore, the new technology of using acetylene sludge for calcined clinker will be discussed in this article.
  6. Encyclicals deal with matters of pastoral concern and therefore may touch upon matters of ordinary doctrine, morals, or church discipline.
  7. Catholics have always been conscious of the command of Christ to “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19).
  8. Therefore, the system can be used to determine if the aerial camera is out of focus, and thus judge whether it can work normally or not.
  9. Therefore, it is significant to evaluate the combat capability of the interceptive air defense weapons system system.
  10. Therefore, a type of easy operation, the effect of a good loading and unloading equipment, indicates that the accumulator cell time is essential.
  11. Therefore, we have a processor register called an accumulator, the same length as a computer storage word.
  12. Therefore, it is transmitted vertically to the next generation and then, vertically again, to an indefinite number of future generations.
  13. Therefore, he admitted that the shortage of workers could keep wages above the subsistence level indefinitely.
  14. Information is therefore stili scant on aesthetic responses, the role and status of the artist, and other sociological and psychological aspects of the arts and the artists.
  15. Therefore, the regression coefficient is often considered as a measure of the effect of the independent variable on the dependent variable.
  16. The concentration of HDL-C can decrease, therefore, it plays an auxiliary action for the regression of atherosclerosis.
  17. The reason: fewer unwanted pregnancies and, therefore, fewer incomplete abortions.

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