What Is The Importance of Pollination? What is Pollination in Flowers?


What is the importance of pollination? What does pollination lead to in nature? General information about pollination in flowers. How does pollination happen in flowers and what is the reason?

Pollination By Flies - How do Flies Pollinate?

All living beings that inhabit the planet perform a set of activities that occurs with certain periodicity and intermittency known as the Life Cycle, where one of the fundamentals is Food where it is possible to reach the energy needs that the organism requires, the Relationship that it occurs both with the environment or environment that surrounds them and with other individuals of the same or another species and lastly the Reproduction that allows to generate new beings continuing with a lineage and guaranteeing the permanence of the species in particular.

In each of these actions is what is known as Transfer Principle, since unlike inert objects, living beings are considered as such for being able to make exchanges of matter and energy with the environment that surrounds them, producing modifications in the support or terrain as well as in other beings with whom it interacts.

One of the easiest examples to understand in this is in the Pollination being this one of the group of the vegetal species of Plants with Flowers, being located in the same flower and linked to the Reproduction of these specimens, by means of the introduction of the Pollen that is present in the stamens towards the zone where the formation of Seeds and Fruits occurs.


This process is greatly benefited by the interaction of different animals that seek to perform their feeding function, which is the best known case of the Bees, which are introduced into flowers in search of their food (which is also produced in based on pollen) or to take it and take it to your hive.

Pollination By Flies - How do Flies Pollinate?

But it also occurs in another great variety of species that either feed on the pollen of flowers, as in the case of the butterflies or the nice bird known as Hummingbird or Picaflor, as well as some specific species that are attracted for a substance that that plant produces in particular.

In the latter case, there is a Specific Pollination where the flowers attract a species and can only be pollinated by them, which guarantees the reproduction of the Plant Species because the Pollinator will not fly to other flowers but will be instinctively attracted to your flower in particular.

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