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Use term in a sentence. How to use the word term in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word term.

Definition of term

Examples of term in a sentence

*** The term covers broad traits such as intelligence as well as narrow traits such as manual dexterity.

*** The term green shrimp refers to all or any raw shrimp.


*** The term “New World” can be misleading when the question of California wine arises.

*** However, this term is misleading, because it is unlikely that any Zoroastrian worshiped Zurvan; the worship was always reserved only for Ahura Mazda.

*** Cary’s Rebellion; the popular term for an unstable era in North Carolina history (about 1703 to 1711), in which Thomas Cary figured prominently.

*** Although defeated in 1898, Gorman returned for a fourth Senate term in 1902.

*** Inquest; in its broadest sense, means a judicial inquiry, but the term is usually applied specifically to an investigation by jury.

*** The most familiar application of the term is to the inquiry performed by a coroner, with the aid of a jury, into the cause of an unexplained, or possibly suspicious, death.

*** The term “inquest,” as used in the surrogate’s court, refers to the surrogate’s function of determining all the circumstances that might affect the genuineness of a will offered for probate.

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