Use Television in a Sentence, How to use “Television” in a sentence


Use Television in a sentence. How to use the word Television in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Television. Sentence for Television.

use television in a sentence


Examples of Television in a sentence

  1. Will you please close the television, I’d like to sleep.
  2. When they were moving, the carries dropeed their television.
  3. Television, it must be remembered, can keep and celebrate as it can be abbreviated and denatured.
  4. Every saturday evening, she watches her favorite series on television.
  5. The television is like a baby sitter in their house.
  6. If she wants to buy a television, she should earn more money.
  7. Tonight there is absolute trash on television.
  8. Aaron Spelling has produced numerous successful television shows.
  9. Perhaps television was too obscene for the leaders to be revealing.
  10. Pelegrini has moved into film and television score composition.
  11. Marlon moved into writing adult television dramas in 2016.
  12. Seeing real live animals in a zoo is much more exciting than just watching them on television.
  13. Test volunteers are told to refrain from watching television for a month.
  14. The spokesman returned in a state of even greater perplexity to confront the television cameras and the assembled press corps.
  15. Heinz Haber was chief scientific consultant to the Walt Disney Studios from 1953 to 1958 for a series of animated cartoon films on space flight produced for television.
  16. It was Peanuts’ first animated special, and it was different from anything else on television at the time, so there are things we take for granted about the now omnipresent special that actually have very interesting stories behind them.
  17. As a young student at the Institute of Technology in Petrograd (now Leningrad), he became fascinated with the possibility of creating a practical television system.
  18. He is the inventor of the iconoscope, the first practical “pickup” tube for television, and he directed the research that led to the development of the kinescope.

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