Teaching in a Sentence


How to use the word Teaching in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Teaching.

Examples of Teaching in a sentence

1 – The Vatican’s teaching on abortion is clear: it is a sin.

2 – This candidate has much in his favor, especially his experience in teaching.

3 – However, teaching students is a necessary prerequisite for good patient care.

4 – Was Donald’s teaching on celibacy an order or opinion?


5 – We may well ask: where should I start teaching a new congregation?

6 – To escape the confinement of teaching, he became an engineer and specialized in the construction of mills, bridges, harbor installations, and fortifications.

7 – He was born at Gray, Haute-Saone, France, on Aug. 29, 1801, and held teaching and administrative positions at a number of French academies.

8 – After teaching in the history departments of Ohio State University and the State University of Iowa, Schlesinger joined the Harvard University faculty in 1924, becoming Francis Lee Higginson professor of American history in 1939 (emeritus after 1954).

9 – During his first period with Walter Gropius at the head of the School, teaching was promoted through counseling centers for crafts, crafts and industry that would later be modified in the curriculum, by workshops where they would work with teachers.

10 – The goal of the school, headed by Gropius, was to reform the teaching of the arts to achieve a transformation of bourgeois society.

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