Surplus in a Sentence

How to use the word Surplus in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Surplus.

Definition of Surplus

An amount above what is used or needed; something left over; excess.

Examples of Surplus in a sentence

*** Another important statement is the statement of earned surplus, now often called the statement of retained earnings.

*** Fourth, speculation about the appreciation of the yuan results in an absurdly high trade surplus.

*** The country’s trade surplus widened to 16,500 million dollars.

*** Wheat was in surplus that year.

*** Western countries often pour surplus goods into Third World countries.

*** These goods are surplus to the requirements.

*** Manufacturers in some countries downloaded their surplus products abroad.

*** Spain likely to have a small current account surplus for2002.

*** Any surplus can be cut.

*** Brazil has a large surplus of coffee.

*** The agricultural surplus was assumed almost entirely by the ruler.

*** The balance of payments had a surplus last year.

*** The surplus grain is sold for export.

*** The pension fund has a surplus.

*** He discovered that there was a surplus to the requirements in London and he left.

*** Harry made a package after the war selling surplus army blankets.

*** A surplus of corn has helped to depress grain prices / grain market.

*** Few people have large sums of cash in surplus cash.

*** Fortunately, the school’s bank account currently has a surplus.

*** We have a trade surplus of 400 million.

*** Japan’s annual trade surplus is around 100 billion dollars.

*** The houses are sold because they are surplus of the requirements.

*** Japan is in the enviable position of having a budget surplus.

*** The chemical industry has a large and growing trade surplus.

*** The children ran madly, working with their surplus energy.

*** 300 workers in the factory have been informed that they are surplus to the requirements.

*** If the export and import demand is elastic, then the change in trade volumes will operate to eliminate the surplus.

*** The government has authorized the army to sell its surplus weapons.

*** Norway’s budget surplus decreased from 5.9% in 1986 to 0.1% foreseen for this year.

*** The Army is auctioning off many surplus equipment.

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