Use Special in a Sentence

Use Special in a sentence. How to use the word Special in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Special.

Definition of Special

Examples of Special in a sentence

*** By special chassis, work arm frame, three-dimensional rotating mechanism, flexible clamping device, vehicle-type aerial work platform.

*** It has the special rich fragrance, the mouthfeel like abalone, it lubricates extremely well.

*** Thinking courses for children: calculation of abacus, English, special education of literature, English language.

*** As a special theoretical thought, the dialectic has its ontological promise.

*** The term, which originally meant “concept” or “idea,” came, during the Renaissance, to be applied to a special type of poetic metaphor, first used in the love sonnets of Petrarch.

*** The article presents the common uses of adjectives in the classic Chinese writings and emphatically analyzes special uses such as flexible, factitious and desiderative uses.

*** Antarctic species have few special adaptations for polar life.

*** Two points in this report deserve special attention.

*** Are special education classes used as a dumping ground for students from unwanted and problematic minority groups?

*** Special attention was given to the ubiquitous Aaron Spelling.

*** which differs from the traditional dress of tatting, has its own special idea and tries to design and technology.

*** Large-gauge cementing is a special operation in offshore drilling engineering.

*** The difference amplifier is the complement of the summation amplifier and allows the subtraction of two voltages or, as a special case, the cancellation of a common signal to the two inputs.

*** We take the children to the zoo for a special gift.

*** We take the children to the zoo as a special gift.

*** He deliberately refrained from mentioning Mrs. Wale’s most special suggestion.

*** Women, their special inherent charms are like the types of glasses in the basement, which lead man to love, to see, to look; and the man once he gets into it can not easily abstain.

*** EMI’s special strategic position and its important role in the national economy determine that its development is the impetus for revitalization of the traditional industrial bases of the Northeast.

*** Special authority relations are a type of social relations that really exist, in recent years, within the framework of the judicial impulse, the correlation research of our country has already begun.

*** The special group of women leaders in carding faces many role conflicts and perplexity in our time due to its physiological and psychological nature.

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