Use Serpent in a Sentence, How to use “Serpent” in a sentence


Use Serpent in a sentence. How to use the word Serpent in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Serpent. Sentence for Serpent.

What Is A Sea Serpent? What does a sea serpent look like?

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Examples of serpent in a sentence

  • He killed the serpent with his bare hands.
  • After a time his father saw a serpent in the road directly before them.
  • The other obeyed the Law and took the young only, but let the mother go free; yet as he descended from the tree a serpent stung him and he died.
  • The whole train must have extended many miles, and must have appeared from any of the eminences around like an enormous serpent, winding its way tortuously through the wild and desolate valleys.
  • In many places the vines were trained upon the trees, so that in riding along the road you seemed to see an immense orchard on each side of you, with a carpet of rich verdure below, and a monstrous serpent climbing up into every tree, from the grass beneath it.
  • Charmed by the beauty of a trailing vine that rests like an emerald serpent on the pond’s placid surface, the deep tones of enormous frogs will be unheard, yet here are giants of their race that quickly found the spot, many of them larger and more musical than their brethren in the meadows.
  • This serpent has long been a feature of the pond, and, when in the upland fields laying its eggs it probably smelled the water, and so turned northward toward the lilies, instead of returning southward to the splatter-docks in the meadows.


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