Use Saw in a Sentence, How to use “Saw” in a sentence


Use Saw in a sentence. How to use the word Saw in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Saw. Sentence for Saw.

Meaning of Dreams About See the House of Childhood, Visiting, Destroyed


Examples of saw in a sentence

  1. He himself saw to the publication of a number of his works, including the dramatie poem Les chastes et loyales amours de Theagene et Cariclee (1623) and five volumes of Le theâtre d’Alexandre Hardy Parisien (1624-1628).
  2. The dog cringed when he saw a snake.
  3. The donkey resisted when he saw the serpent.
  4. Our soldiers laughed aloud, as I did, when they saw them lumbering down the roads.
  5. He was filled with nausea when he saw cruelty to animals.
  6. No one saw his executioners spend several minutes looking for a vein to administer the lethal drugs.
  7. When the child saw the whole room full of strangers, he felt very ashamed.
  8. Saw an axe a chargeships and foreign missions.
  9. That scene ended an episode that also saw Frank and Betty taking two children to the zoo.
  10. At the zoo we saw many monkeys running around the cage.
  11. After returning to England, Coram became appalled by the number of children he saw abandoned in London, many of them starving.
  12. But on his way, he saw a noble knight, riding slowly through the meadows on a black horse.
  13. It is said that he saw some fair Saxon boys being sold as slaves and, on being told that they were Angles, he replied Non Angli sed angeli (“Not Angles but angels”).


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