Use Really in a Sentence, How to use “Really” in a sentence


Use Really in a sentence. How to use the word Really in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Really. Sentence for Really.

Use Really in a Sentence - How to use "Really" in a sentence

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Examples of Really in a sentence

  1. She felt really sick after a glass of wine. She isn’t used to drinking.
  2. It was a really boring course and I do not think I’ve taken much advantage of that.
  3. It is not really suitable for absolute beginners.
  4. That really bugged them, especially the kids.
  5. The news really surprised us.
  6. Is Richard on the team? – You’re really scraping the barrel!
  7. Did you see her really prepare and administer heparin?
  8. What he really wanted to write was: Henry Farr wants a thallium to administer to his wife.
  9. In particular, this is true for a good legato: it is really difficult to achieve, especially when the player has to alternate between blowing and exhaling and using the sliding button.
  10. The vacation brochure is deliberately misleading, because the hotels it shows are not where you really stay.
  11. It could be that once the person is sure that there is nothing really bad about them, they are happy to endure a little musical accompaniment to their movements!
  12. She was really a strange young woman, anxious and irresistible.
  13. Not only is space one, but the very notion that there could be different, disconnected spaces is really unintelligible.
  14. If the attack was really the result of a momentary misunderstanding or an overreaction, it is by no means good news for the risk profile of the Korean peninsula.
  15. So the public really pays to feed the animals at the zoo? That seems like a good whistle.
  16. Bad weather really took the shine off our trip to the zoo.
  17. The disease and its causes hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids are really varicose veins that develop in the rectum.
  18. Once you look closer, dive under the surface of the skin, explore the inner workings of the biological systems that ensure our everyday life, you just can’t help but admire the marvel that you really are.


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