Quenched in a Sentence

Use Quenched in a sentence. How to use the word Quenched in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Quenched.

Definition of Quenched

Examples of Quenched in a sentence

*** The hikers quenched their thirst in a nearby stream.

*** Finn had already quenched his thirst hastily a kilometer ago, in a mountain stream strewn with stones.

*** Fortunately, the fountain was nearby and often quenched its burning thirst.

*** At the ranch we saw that the cattle quenched their thirst in the trough under the trees.

*** Back on street level, I quenched my thirst at the Heartland Brewery bar on 5th Avenue, next to the Empire State Building.

*** While he seems to have quenched his thirst for now, Carter still believes that more business should be done in the asset management industry.

*** Tired and obedient men and women quenched their thirst by taking slugs of water from plastic bottles.

*** Tourists who flock to the city pay for attractive guides to walk in places they never stepped on, and drink in pubs where they only quenched their thirst on paper.

*** If the quicklime is quenched with an excess of water, putty or grout is produced.

*** Having worked in Jarndyce and Jarndyce as a galleys slave, I have quenched my thirst for the law and I have convinced myself that I would not like it.

*** I quenched my thirst in the stream, and then, lying down, I was overcome by sleep.

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