Use Private in a Sentence, How to use “Private” in a sentence


Use Private in a sentence. How to use the word Private in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Private. Sentence for Private.

Use Private in a Sentence - How to use "Private" in a sentence


Examples of Private in a sentence

  1. Now they wish to participate in our private pool as well.
  2. This was the Royal family’s private dining room.
  3. A second private golf club and residential community is nearing completion.
  4. The city also boasts of a few good private diagnostic laboratories.
  5. This could lead militaries to cut out private defence companies altogether.
  6. Members of private golf clubs were excluded from these championships.
  7. This was achieved through private donations and sponsorship from local businesses.
  8. Calling each other by one’s given name is a good thing the downside, well, it’s how thoroughly work gets mixed up with my private life.
  9. Laney said reports from Pyongyang indicate that private citizens are now engaged in black-market trading of a wide variety of goods.
  10. Corporate and private users can enjoy the security and privacy of a dedicated network, without the prohibitive costs.
  11. To avoid upsetting the kids, Dad spoke to Mum more than once in private, telling her to put a sock in it.
  12. Female labour workers often lack finances and circumstances force them to borrow money from time to time from private sources.
  13. Our most unique allocation methodology will be providing three pools (Anypad Public pool, Anypad Bounty Pool, Anypad private pool) to our token holders for fair and well distributed allocation.
  14. WPARs all are completely self-contained (having private execution environments) from any other processes running outside the WPARs and can also have dedicated network addresses.
  15. The “risk sharing” on the part of the private banks and the IFC is one of the major innovations of the program, Debevoise said.
  16. In the case Naz Foundation v Govt. of NCT of Delhi (2009 Delhi H C) passing a landmark judgment on 2nd July 2009, Delhi High Court declared Section 377 as illegal as far as it criminalizes same sex sexual activity between two consenting adults done in private.


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