Use Perplexity in a Sentence, How to use “Perplexity” in a sentence


Use Perplexity in a sentence. How to use the word Perplexity in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Perplexity. Sentence for Perplexity.

Use Perplexity in a Sentence - How to use "Perplexity" in a sentence


Examples of Perplexity in a sentence

  1. His face, never easily controlled by him, expressed all the perplexity and disturbance he felt.
  2. She must have seen my perplexity.
  3. All that afternoon had a dreamy and contemplative appearance that in him was a mask of perplexity.
  4. Pen was bewildered with amazement, perplexity, fury at this monstrous and unreasonable persecution.
  5. I reflected for a moment on the painful perplexity.
  6. The best of them is like a brier: the straightest is sharper than a hedge of thorns: the day of your watchers and your visitation comes; Now it will be your perplexity.
  7. Mr. Harthouse’s face lengthened in spite of his coldness and his perplexity increased.
  8. Robert overcomes his perplexity with his most peremptory air.
  9. The student went to the teacher and said: “Let’s do a trick to the man: we will hide his shoes and hide behind those bushes, and we will wait to see his perplexity when he does not find them”.
  10. This put me in extreme perplexity.
  11. They considered the appointment with some perplexity.
  12. From the works of the Voyage series, I see a real me and the universe and verify the characteristics of abstraction and perplexity of life.
  13. Dumfounded, To fill with amazement and perplexity; confuse.
  14. He saw the displeasure with perplexity expressed in Viola’s face.
  15. His anxiety and perplexity increased.
  16. The grandmother looked around in perplexity.
  17. Finally I managed to disentangle myself from the perplexity.
  18. He began to count them and then, with increasing perplexity, counted them for the second time.
  19. He looked at us with some perplexity.
  20. Your comments have been a source of great perplexity and debate.
  21. He looked at the instruction booklet in complete perplexity.
  22. In the midst of this uncertainty he suddenly died, leaving both the wars themselves and the perplexity of deciding between them as a part of the royal inheritance falling to his son.

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